Tips & Tricks Overwatch: Lucio Edition

Welcome back to another installment of, Tips & Tricks Overwatch and this time we are featuring Lucio. Lucio is a support class character and by far one of the more mobile supports in the roster. With the ability to both speed/heal boost his allies within close proximity, Lucio is the ultimate frontline support. Equipped with futuristic roller blades, a sound gun with speed and heal modes, Lucio is a force to be reckoned with. His sound gun can move enemies back and to their doom while also being able to amplify the volume of his selected speed/heal modes. Lucio’s success is pivotal in regards to the location of his fellow teammates. Requiring they be in close proximity for both speed and healing, you can almost bet that Lucio will be in the middle of the group or at least near the tightest bunch of individuals. While he is a healer, he can tango with foes and is quite successful at dishing out the pain. With his roller blades, he is able to wall-ride. A good player can wall ride around an objective, out of a well on Ilios or even wall ride his way past his enemies and onto an unguarded objective. Lucio is so mobile that it is hard to see past how useful he is on his team. However, he is best useful when he is actually around his teammates.

The best Lucio players know when to speed boost and when to heal. It is a delicate dance that requires you to constantly read each situation you move your team into or in which you are pulled into. Often the start of the match is the best time to use your speed boost and his amplification ability. His amplification ability does just as it states and either gives your teammates better speed or healing than normal. It’s best used out the gate with the speed setting toggled on as it will help your team to grab the objective before the other team has time to get there first. It’s in this moment that I often switch straight into the healing mode as by time we arrive, the enemy is just a stone’s throw away and they will slam themselves against us soon. It’s also by this time that your amplification ability should be charged and ready to go as your teammates will need the healing edge if they expect to win in the first team fight. While your teammates survival also rests on their and the enemies abilities, having your amplified healing is a godsend in strenuous moments. If you can make it to your fully charged ultimate then, you got grounds for a stronger defense in the face of a desperate offense or just the second wind your team needed for that final push.

However on teams with more than one support, Lucio is still competent to have on the team, granted just be mindful of your team composition. If you can get away with two supports then great! Just remember that the needs of the team comes before your personal hero/heroine preference. Having Lucio play a different role, other than healing, when you have say a Mercy or Zenyatta on your team, is interesting as they can easily focus on making sure your team is the speediest and also being able to provide healing when the other support character is having a tough time keeping up with demand. Granted the best strategy I have seen is a two Lucio paring. Having two heroes that can passively heal at the same time and two that can both amplify and sound barrier as their ultimate (sound barrier provides a large chunk of temporary health that fades with time and soaks up a decent amount of damage) can be a tough duo to defeat. Especially when they provide a pretty good chunk of healing. Wall riding is another essential tip and trick that you need to know how to use. Lucio’s advantage is that he is able to use the surrounding buildings, walls and objects to his advantage. Good players of Lucio can literally save themselves from falls off ledges or they can stall a lost objective by wall riding around an objective (provided they have walls to utilize for this objective). It’s almost one of those required skills that a Lucio player ought to have when trying to perfect their Overwatch roster list.

While this is all I have to give you all in regards to Lucio I will try my best to keep this section as up to date as I possibly can. I may just have to tack post-it notes everywhere that I can tack them. If you have any personal tips to provide please feel free to comment down below! IF you are interested in helping us to choose our next hero to cover, feel free to use this twitter link! The poll will end soon!

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