Featured Content! Elisa: The Innkeeper

Welcome to our very first Featured Content post! What is a featured content? Well it is content that we were asked by you, the viewer, or from a personal representative of said item. As it would be the case, we were approached by the developers of this game, Neoclassic games, to kindly feature this game on our website and I have to say we were not let down in the slightest! While I have not personally played the demo, as our graphics card on our computer is totally out of business, we were able to watch a few videos and pull impressions from the actual information that can be found on their Kickstarter page.

First and foremost, this title is a visual novel. It is a gosh darn beautiful one too! Easily one of the brightest and vivid ones to date. What this game gives in impressive visuals, it also gives in story subject. Sporting a rather unique branching story, in which small to large decisions will have an impact on the finale of the tale and who you end up with. In terms of the romance you will be playing from the perspective of Elisa so it will be a selection from a harem of men that are both looking to grab Elisa’s hand and whisk her off into the sunset. This can either be a beautiful fate or one that will forever have lasting and changing effects on Elisa herself.

Choice is key here and the developers are keen on making sure that everyone knows that they have a choice in the spanning story that this visual novel entails. The players are not simply a person in this story but rather a god-like being that has the threads of fate in the steel grasp of his or her hand. The game also features a healthy cast of six characters evenly split between male and female characters. Everyone has a specific mindset and temperament in order to provide a varied body of characters for players to fall in love with and to relate with. The success of any visual novel usually falls back onto the characters and how well they are designed. If a player cannot find themselves in any of them and they are not in the least interested in the characters, then you have a delicate situation on your hands. Thankfully, Neoclassic games provides characters that are beautifully crafted and have personalities that we all can relate to, in a sense.

Elisa: The Inkeeper will release in three parts, The prequel, which is the demo. The Fall, which is the entirety of the game and will be the guts of what you the customer have backed. Lastly we have Requiem, which will take place after the events of The Fall and will serve as a sequel to The Fall as well. Currently, Requiem has no information due to the fact that this title will take place after the launch of the actual game and will have to develop upon the actions of the players within the first two parts of the game. I do like the idea of a spanning trilogy that presents the players actions as set in stone consequences that can change the very nature and fabric of the actual game. It is frankly something you do not see in a visual novel series. Even if a VN had a trilogy released, like Elisa’s, they will never connect your actions with the prior titles you played. Elisa: The Inkeeper will essentially carry out like Bioware’s, Mass Effect trilogy. Where in the player’s actions will have direct influences on the game as a whole and those actions will be carried with the player until they complete the series.

While the game does have a demo out on steam, the actual title is still in the Kickstarter phase. The game still has over 22 days left to go and the funding is at around 75-80% funded! While I have no doubt that this title will meet its funding goal, you can feel free to lend a helping hand in the matter! As per other Kickstarter’s you have a varying degree of donation amount you can choose from, as well as added perks and benefits for backing a specific amount. If you are wanting to see some gameplay of this title and you happen to have steam, consider using the link provided below to access it and download it! The game is currently slated for release on PC and Mac products around December of 2016. Linux support has yet to be announced so I wouldn’t hold my breath for it, I can hope that it will be added in at a later period.

Elisa: The Inkeeper Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2044603064/elisa-theinnkeeper

Official Website: http://elisatheinnkeeper.rel.to/#Home

Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/NeoclassicGames

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6 thoughts on “Featured Content! Elisa: The Innkeeper

  1. This actually looks like a real interesting visual novel, something I’d definitely be interested in getting. Glad I found this by accident haha

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      1. Yeah, Ill definitely be checking it out more once it comes out!

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      2. Awesome! I really knew nothing about this title until the company contacted us. It’s visually stunning.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yeah, thats what really caught my eye. I tend to prefer things that are a little more stylized which this fortunately is

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ll check it out, I saw it on steam for free, so well worth it I bet.

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