Tips & Tricks Overwatch: Widowmaker Edition

Welcome to our fourth entry in this series! Today we will be sharing with you all some of our input as well as a few tips and tricks in regards to the voluptuous sniper, Widowmaker. Being one of two sniper based characters, plus the only one with a true sniper rifle, Widowmaker excels at sitting out of sight and away from direct confrontation with team fights. Having been recently nerfed, in terms of her damage done to body shots, Widowmaker can still prove to be a deadly asset to anyone who plays her and who are patient enough to line up just the right shot. While she has more than enough health to get her by on her own, she is still a rather squishy character and is vulnerable to fast players, tanks and other snipers. Widowmaker can hook-shot to higher points, can lay venom mine’s and can use her ultimate to provide her teammates a clear picture of everyone on the map. Her main rifle is also an assault rifle when she needs to confront a target that is up close and personal with her.

My first tip is to always, always let her sniper shot charge up. While it may be tempting to wail away on the trigger button in hopes of killing the target that you are focusing on, you are just giving away your position and doing less damage. She has a handy meter that will stack up and flash when it is at 100% power. These shots can result in one shot kills from head shots and at least two shots in the body. Most of her healer targets now require two direct body shots to kill at full power versus the previously required one shot. This is so important to her play style that it pains me to see teammates and enemy players alike, just spamming that fire button in quick succession. Another handy tip is always throw down her venom mine. It should be a second hand nature once you reach the objective area or payload. Throw that bad boy out there and let it act as both an early warning or a nice poisonous surprise. Honestly, I use it on most defense maps as a means of knowing if someone is trying to flank me or come up behind me. If used as it is intended it can often make or break a potential kill. Hit them and didn’t kill them? Hope that walk into your venom mine to seal their fate. Another good tip, Reinhardt’s shield can be damaged by this poison and as such it is a nice way to deal a trickle of damage to his shield, even when you are not hitting it.

Now as with any good sniper, being able to effectively transition from point to point and to change up your location is key. Granted, you may not get all the kills or the Play of The Game. A sniper’s duty is to weed out the weak enemies and to whittle down the tough ones. As such making sure you are moving around to get to the supports of the enemy team is a grand strategy. Often, most maps can allow you to stay safely behind your team and still hit their key support figures. Taking out their ability to heal or assault you is almost key. Especially when Bastion and Torbjorn’s turrets are concerned. While Genji and D.Va and pretty competent turret killers, nothing can quite beat that of a dedicated Widowmaker shot. Back to being mobile, while height is best, don’t try to be a predictable sniper. Try to stick to low areas or the flanks. While they may expose you to ground assaults it is worth it in the long run if you want to up your game and to provide an  ever changing experience for the enemies. If they cannot anticipate where you would be setup the better.

One of the most efficient pairings in the game is a Hanzo and Widowmaker. While Hanzo has his own, shorter version of Widowmaker’s ultimate, it is not as long lasting or map wide. However his ultimate is straight and true and deals a good amount of damage to all targets caught in its wake. With a Widow providing Hanzo sight of all enemies, he can better time his ultimate and thus use it to wider and more efficient effect. However other heroes benefit highly with this ultimate, such as D.Va Players better timing their ultimate’s and assault classes being able to more effectively single out squishier targets. As she just was nerfed there won’t be much to update on besides other gameplay based tactics. I hope you all enjoyed this latest entry and feel free to let us know if we missed anything!

Lucio will be in our sights with our next post!


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  1. Thanks for this, I recently purchased the game and she’s been a go to champ.

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