Tips & Tricks Overwatch: D.Va Edition

Welcome to the first post in a hopeful line of articles to come! Through these articles we will do our very best to provide you various tips and tricks in regards to playing the heroes and heroines of, Overwatch. To start us off is the lovable, the gamer girl that has captured all of our hearts and affection, D.Va. D.Va, aka Hana Song is one of the five tanks that you are able to choose to play as during the matches of Overwatch. Currently she is best played in a harassing role due to her nimble nature and maneuverability; we say currently as Blizzard is due to give D.Va a bit of a rework in an upcoming update. Armed with her MEKA and a Pistol, D.Va is the only here who plays in two stages. Stage one is her MEKA, a large and nimble mech that is armed with twin fusion cannons, thrusters, deflectors and a self-destruct sequence. Outside of the MEKA, D.Va only has her pilots jumpsuit and trusty pistol to keep her safe. Should she survive long enough outside her MEKA, D.Va is able to call down another MEKA to dive right back into the frying pan. So now that we have a run down on her, let’s go straight into her role in a match!

As I mentioned D.Va is a tank, a harassing one. She is made to get in close and around her enemies and then unload her fusion cannons, dealing devastating damage at close range. Range is one of her worst enemies and anyone outside of close range attacks will feel nothing more than a tickle. To close the gap and survive her close encounters, D.Va has a generous amount of health, 500 hit points to be exact. On top of those is a generous amount of armor, the most out of any hero/heroine in the game. With this and her deflector shield ability, she is able to soak up a healthy amount of damage. Her boosters are one of her greatest asset to map traversal. She can reach places that only heroes and heroines such as Widowmaker, Pharah, Genji and Hanzo could reach. This opens up these squishier characters to massive amounts of damage. If she survives long enough to see her ultimate charged she can boost her MEKA into an objective point in a devastating self-destruct attack. Always use charge when using her ultimate. Having to walk in is dangerous and can leave you open to death upon D.Va leaving her MEKA. Boosting will give the enemies little time to react and if you are feeling crafty you could attempt a ‘D.Va Dunk’. The ‘D.Va Dunk’ is a maneuver in which the player simply boost off into the sky at an angle and activates their ultimate, sending the MEKA up and then eventually down onto an objective point. If the enemy team doesn’t see where it is coming from, you potentially have a much more devastating ultimate on your hands.

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While she is a tank, she is not a Roadhog nor a Reinhardt. These two can take a pounding and still keep chugging along. D.Va, while having the best armor class cannot sustain herself for long against a direct assault. Having a boost or deflection handy is almost always necessary for attacking. If you happen to have the fortune of having a great Mercy or Zenyatta nearby you may be able to take a bit more than normal however, it does not make you invincible. However should fate befall her MEKA, D.Va still is quite nimble outside of her mech, although she is much easier to kill. Her pistol is one of the best, being that only D.Va and Mercy use similar weapons. Her pistol has a clip of 20 shots and can fire in pretty quick succession. As mentioned before if you can manage to last long enough outside you can call down a new MEKA as her ultimate, giving her the chance to continue the fight. A good D.Va player can last an entire match with this delicate dance of harass and careful dodging.

D.Va is best played with other tanks in the group, ideally a Reinhardt. I say this because a D.Va can continuously fire her Fusion Cannons without need to worry on cool down or reload. When positioned on a payload or advancing forward behind a Reinhardt, D.Va can deliver a stream of constant fire. While it won’t do much in the way of damage, it is more than enough to cause the other players to carefully watch you and take cover. From behind his shield you can also safely launch your ultimate and still survive to tell the tale. Pair this with a healer and you have a winning combo for keeping the match rolling along. D.Va does tend to pair best with other tanks and support classes. She also excels in countering Torbjorn’s turret or assault and support roles. She is a danger to all of these characters and if they are not protected or on the defensive, they will suffer against her onslaught. Just remember that D.Va is great just not the tank that can live without help nearby. With a rework for her incoming any week now, we will do our best to keep this page updated with the latest information that we can offer! She is scheduled to at least receive a buff in terms of damage. I am eager to see how this affects the meta of the current gameplay.

I hope you all enjoyed this first entry in the Tips & Tricks series! I will be adding more as I go to help flesh out the details of each hero and heroine. After playing more matches I hope to provide more information as it comes! Please look forward to our next Tips & Tricks this coming Wednesday where we cover Mercy. This has been Kausus, thanks for reading!

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