Let’s Talk Anime: JoJo Is Number 1

Alright! So having been a bit behind in the anime scene as of late I figured I would be fair and give some direction to that and the sole reason behind this rebirth of anime for myself is solely because of the current running, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable. Now this anime is very much JoJo. It’s gruff, gritty, and humorous and has a ton of cool guy’s and girl’s doing awesome, whacky stuff. There is deep story behind the series, with every manga issue having some sort of branching connection to one another, if not in the very least a direct one, and creates a pool of fun and whacky adventures. What gets me about this anime is the simple fact that it can be addictively fun without trying too hard. The humor is fantastic and the art style between series becomes more distinct versus the former one. With the latest anime adaption, Diamond is Unbreakable, the series is trying for a more slice of life approach and I have to say, it works amazingly well.

From the day by day episodes, to the random and absurd acts that happen during the anime, each one provides a fun story to tell or plot point. Granted I did watch the first season of JoJo, I have not been able to push myself to watch the rest of it; at least until Diamond is Unbreakable aired. Maybe it is because of the original manga moving to try and emulate a slice of life style JoJo story versus the usual, let’s beat up Dio approach. I would dare to say that the whacky and over the top approach that JoJo takes is what is causing me to fall in love with the series. It takes away from the preconceived notions and adds in its own formula to make things spicy. It is almost wonderful to feel reinvigorated with anime and to be able to look at anime in a different light. Granted JoJo is just the icing on a bigger cake. JoJo is however the leading force behind this push for me. With the series exploring a new concept in form and function, Diamond is Unbreakable is quickly earning a spot in my life as the number one choice to watch every Friday.

It has caused me to also seek out the various games that have been released on the PlayStation consoles in order to experience more of that JoJo love. While it may or may not provide me with more material to cover and go over, it is none-the-less bringing me back into the fold of the anime industry. With that bit of a diatribe aside, I will say that this new seasons is just brilliant on all accounts. With the series now focusing on Josuke, Joseph’s bastard child, for a lack of a better term is brining funk and love into a series that has had that and more. So why the hype and why does it keep me glued to my phone? Well, it’s the style, the care-free attitude and the, don’t mess with the hair attitude, that I love so much. Being the first JoJo series that I can safely say I want to be behind is a pretty big step for me in trying to bring a more varied pallet to the table that is my anime library. In hindsight it is nothing different, just a series that I never gave a chance. If you want to give this anime a chance, feel free to look forward to our discussion point covering the new season in greater detail!

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