How Overwatch became a successful addiction

There is no way to avoid this type of article. It has been over three weeks since the launch of Overwatch and already my work ethic has plummeted and my general productivity has vanished. I have a singular title to thank for all of this and that title is, Overwatch. I have dumped about 50+ hours worth of play time into the game and I am not even satisfied with that amount of time that I have put into it already. I am constantly craving and wanting more. Why is this game so soul consuming? Why has it put me into the position that I and countless others are in? Well, it has to do with a great gaming experience, successful advertisement and characters. Overwatch has had one of the better beta’s and one of the more successful launches for a title in a long time, at least from my own personal standpoint. It has reinvigorated the base of players that enjoyed games such as Team Fortress 2 and general arena style shooters like Quake. It has brought in a new caliber of player and it has touched base with many who have never considered playing a shooter before. It’s also one of the more fun team based shooters that I have played since Halo 3.

While there are many imperfections with the game as a whole, lack of basic team composition knowledge and heroes/heroines with rather broken move sets, it does present a very polished and very fun team experience. I do mean this wholeheartedly, this game is best experienced with friends. Having a group of four or more in a game will guarantee you a spread of champions that can compliment each other better, as well as mates who understand that switching heroes/heroines mid-match is a fundamental strategy of the actual game. While you may not win a lot of the matches, you will have a blast with your mates. Just being able to play a game with friends and still have a ton of fun. It’s almost too fun in a way. I find it harder to spring for solo matches, versus not playing a match with someone else. It almost seems unreal or just plain wrong at times and I feel like it almost takes away from the whole enjoyable factor of the game itself. However that does not mean that the game itself is entirely unplayable by yourself. You may just run into the issue of having too many Genji’s or Hanzo’s in your match. It is still an amazingly superb title either route you take in playing it and that is where that addiction comes in. While yes you can get served some pretty steam roll matches, you can have ones that are such a blast to play that you literally go in and save your footage and slap it up onto YouTube. Being able to share those, Play of The Game moments are some of the best things in the world and Blizzard has created an addiction to getting them. Nothing says awesome than watching a Bastion holding down left click!

What this game also brings is its characters. The characters are so unique, so fleshed out in detail that you cannot help but fall in love. Just ask one of my friends in the anime space about how much he loves D.Va! The guy is absolute mad about her. That is just the pure brilliance of Blizzard providing more lore than the game has story. It is so satisfying though to find a character that you can absolutely love to bits and have a grand time playing as them. I know that I absolutely love Mercy. Is she going to help my K/D ration? Hell no but she is a fun character, she is a beautiful character and what information is given about is enough for me to become invested in learning all that I can about her. Overwatch provides a door or a helping hand to bring perspective players into this meticulously crafted world full of mesmerizing enjoyment. So much that it will utterly alter your very life. However it is not a thing that will consume you, it will take some self restraint but the game is brilliant. It is fun, the matches always changing and the friends worth playing with. Having a match of Overwatch after a long day’s work is one of the best feelings I have had in a long while. Granted my frustrations with matches and slightly poor teammates can cause me some irritability, it is nothing that I cannot handle however.

With post release content coming to us as free releases, I am very pleased to say that I have immensely enjoyed myself with picking up Blizzard’s latest. Having not branched out to a new IP in almost two decades, the game is standing fast in the long established history of Blizzard games and is quickly becoming, quite possibly, one of the more rapidly successful titles to date. Not saying StarCraft II is not immensely popular, it is an established title after all, it is just unique to see a new IP so well received so quickly. I guess this speaks volumes for how successful Blizzard is in bringing us into new worlds without much effort at all.

While it is easy to write about how fun this game is, it is better to watch/play it for yourself! That is why I am psyched to say that Viewster will be live streaming gameplay of Overwatch starting tomorrow at around 2:00PM CDT or 7:00PM GMT. While I do not know how long it will last it should be a very fun time! It will possibly feature games with several figures in the YouTube scene, as well as the anime scene. It may even feature us in a match or two, however that remains to be seen! So be sure to join in on the fun! We will be postponing our Live Stream of DOOM until next week, due to potentially being apart of this Live Stream. We do apologize for this in advance!

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