Lights! Cameras! Action? What Makes an Anime Good

We hear it all the time, “This anime is awesome because of the action or the voice talent is just phenomenal!” We often rate anime off what we feel makes it stand-out the most. It could be a massive production with the best animation in the industry or it could a small production with some of the best voice talent they could find. A lot goes into making an anime good and it never is just one thing that does it. It can range from budget amount, to animation quality, to the voice actors/actresses, even the fan feedback can determine the course and quality of how an anime turns out. When I hear that fan feedback has little to do with a company making a new anime then they are pretty wrong. Many companies, including anime production houses heavily listen to the fan input. It’s why we get so much in the way of teaser material when the product is not even on the cusp of releasing. If the fans are reacting positively to the material that has been released then the company can continue on the course in which they feel the fans will be openly receptive with. If the feedback is widely negative then it allows for an insightful look for what needs to be changed, tweaked or modified to help meet expectations or to curb public opinion; though public opinion versus public perception. What do I mean by this? Well allow me to hopefully explain this…

You see what we as the public perceive an anime to be before it’s released is something that drives early speculation. It can massively influence the course of an animated production, without us even knowing that we are having a direct impact on the actual anime we are talking about. It can be something as simple as saying, “Wow KLKX looks like it could be a successor to Trigger’s, Kill la Kill!” Maybe KLKX was going to be more, moe and slice of life but, if the public’s perception of the piece is something to do with relation to, Kill la Kill, then the company might attempt to mend bits and pieces of the anime so it plays homage to the original piece that the public has perceived it to be based off of. Public Opinion on the other hand is a direct input that the production companies take into account when trying their best to grab some sort of reception to character design and plot. Now this is all out the window, especially when an anime is question is being adapted from an already existing Manga. Then you have to worry about how much you stay faithful to the original piece and how much of an original flair you throw into it all.

What makes an anime popular can even be the music or artistic quality behind it. If any of you are returning readers, then you know how I feel about music. It can drive an anime in either direction and it can add or equally take away from it all. IF the animation is just so awful to look at then the anime can suffer immensely, unless it was an intended art style that was conveyed prior to the release of the title. No one wants to have to sit through an anime that was flaunted as an anime with the best animation in the business only to see the project suffering from a low budget amount or just hopeful rhetoric that was voiced to help boost hype. Even tenuous moments in an anime can all be ruined if the tempo is just not right or maybe if the voice acting is just horrendous that a somber scene becomes something of a laughing stock and poster child for how bad the anime was or is. Hype has a lot of sway when it comes to making an anime seem good. I say seem because so many titles have been hyped up by early impressions that when the actual product is set on our tables, we have to double take to ensure this was the very anime that our buddies have all been saying would be really good. A lot of fans felt this way when the anime, Attack on Titan, released. Many loved it, me included, others felt it was over-hyped and thus gave many the impressions that this was the anime to beat all other anime titles. For many this was not the case and some even lauded it as a rather terrible anime and nothing more than a mainstream anime.

Music can make and break an anime. Just be careful with it.

Regardless of the conceptions, Attack on Titan, was a very successful anime and frankly was responsible for bringing a lot of non-anime fans into the fold. It showed many that anime was not just for kids, as it is most commonly conceived.  By all means it was a good anime. The animation was phenomenal, the music strong and epic and the voice acting pretty darn good (going by the Japanese dub) and I found it hard to fault the anime. In my own opinion as long as the anime has relatable character types, powerful music and a great art style, then I am one happy Otaku. That does not make me an expert in the critique of anime nor the analyzation of it. Just a fan trying to express my thoughts and as such, I also encourage you all to as well! What do you think makes an anime? Is it the animation? Music? Acting? Fan-Service? Feel free to leave us a comment down below!

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4 thoughts on “Lights! Cameras! Action? What Makes an Anime Good

  1. Great post and great question. I’m all about story and characters but all the elements need to work together (music, visuals, pacing, voices, etc) for something to actually be great. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Good to see posts like this, looking into the bowels of the anime industry! (⌒▽⌒)
    I find the things I most value in anime are the same I value on a manga or novel, strong narrative coupled with a good tempo and attention grabbing scenes are really what sells me on anime. Particularly good storyline with good characters will really draw me in. I loved a lot of sleeper hits/niche/unknown shows like Shin Sekai Yori, Rahxephon and Escaflowne, because of that~
    I watched AoT 2 weeks ago because I didn’t want to watch it with all the hype and expectation people were regarding it with. Loved the show, and I am mightily sad a S2 isn’t available for me to enjoy already ;_;

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  3. For me, story is #1 with characters close behind. Voices, art, and music are the toppings that help tip the scales between good and great.

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  4. Great post. Made some valid points. A good anime always leaves you with a cliff hanger at the end of an episode because you need to watch the next one. Hahaha

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