OGZ Computer Woes

If you have been following our Twitter as of late then you know that I am in a bit of a bind. With my current PC having driver issues with the graphics card and general motherboard, due to bad heat warp and degradation of hardware, which is affecting my ability to play and review other PC games… It’s also making things difficult in the land of anime as I am having to watch most of my shows on PS4 or my iPhone. While it is far from an inconvenience it will be a greater one should the laptop I am using dies all together. That means no more articles for an even greater amount of time. Having to already shelve about 5 game reviews on just PC is going to be putting a hamper in what articles I had planned to review this month. So what is the solution? Well I have to get a new computer. Ideally I have to get a new computer which unfortunately for me is something that I cannot afford within a given time frame and has me in a panic mode to try and preserve this laptop for the time being. It’s moments like these that remind you that life can be full of the unexpected and it is moments like this that can truly inspire anguish in an individual.

As it stand right now I am looking into two types of computer builds. One at 803USD the other at 959USD. The value of the laptop I am using? Well at the time it was worth 1.2k and now that some of the part costs have some down, it is a bit more affordable. That being said, it is going to be an almost impossible dream shot at getting this computer replaced anytime soon. It could be almost an entire year until I am able to see anywhere near that amount come in. I am building this up now in order to have a guiding cost that I can use to map out and save what I can towards paying for this replacement. While I could get a prebuilt alienware for a fixed price, I want something that I can put a little bit of a different configuration into and not have to also pay for a name-brand price. The thing that scares me most is not being able to replace my laptop at all and then not having anyway to contribute directly to my website. It is the very last thing that I want and I will drag this laptop through hell. It pretty much can only do gif’s, images and low quality videos at this point…

While my laptop was running an Nvidia card, it was an integrated model which just sucks… So I won’t whine and ask the community for help as I am the last person to go up to you and ask for help with anything. Just look at my college track record in math. If you do feel like being awesome and helping OGZ out with this build then you will earn yourself the self-respect from myself and you will also get the ability to request articles on a specific game or anime series for a month. While I do not have other incentives planned out I do plan on saying a big thank you to those who do donate to me in both an article and video format. So allow me to lay out a bulleted approach for those who wish to donate.

  • $0.01-$50 gets you our thanks and spot in thank you video and article
  • $51-$100 gets you the right to request anime/game articles for a month. (will work on them when I can)
  • Anything above $101+ I will have to think about but I really don’t want anyone to throw that kind of donation around. If you do I will work with you on figuring something out in return for your awesome donation!

While not definitive this is what I have laid out. Again, THIS IS ONLY HERE for those who want to Donate. If you don’t but you still love us, great! I know I had a few individuals who expressed interest in doing so and I wanted to give this option to them. Other wise this is mainly an article letting you all know that if I start slowly not posting material it is because I am trying to tinker and get my laptop to last longer than it has been. Appreciate all the love and well wishes I have gotten yesterday and today! I can say I hope to get this laptop to last long enough for me to look into finally getting a replacement.

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  1. Rob a bank and put 4x GTX 1080 in your PC

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