Lately I have been having this thought and it goes something like this… I love anime; I also happen to love gaming. The two often blend very well together by bringing out games like, J-Stars or Persona. They marry so well that it is often hard for one to feel as if the two could ever be at odds. Lately I have been seeing a divide in my own lifestyle where gaming often takes a front seat and anime gets the back seat. It never lasts for long and they often switch places and it got me thinking, Can you be both? The short and simple answer is, yes you can. This however, will not do for an article as it is pretty redundant to say that and then be done with it. The issue that an anime and gaming fan has, that is first and foremost, is the question of which one gets the most attention? Which one do I devote more time, if not equal, towards? As you can tell with our own website, that line is blurred quite a bit. There will be weeks or months with nothing but anime love and hardly any gaming love. With this past month, gaming has been a dominate post style for us, due mainly in part to Overwatch, and while it has still be received very well, it feels as if I am splitting my time unfavorably. While I am splitting my time and still watching anime, I am solely covering just the gaming aspects of my life. This just is not an issue with myself. Many other authors out there have ponder and may ponder the exact same questions as I have.

The issues of putting time equally into one section is almost a difficult dilemma as we want to devote the most time possible into the one thing that we are enjoying immensely. It’s like wanting to eat your favorite dinner but you also want to eat another dinner item that you really enjoy. So you end up splitting your time between them and ultimately you may start to favor one over the other. You like the Sirloin but the Tri-Tip is just so much more juicy for some reason. Granted I am not the best connoisseur when it comes to comparing steak’s but it serves as a proper example.We just want to enjoy both but we end up favoring one over the other and it usually ends up with us having mixed feelings. Especially when it comes to two amazingly fun categories that many of us spend almost a lifetime enjoying. So, what do we need to do, in order to provide the best amount of focus between the two? Time management. Often easier said than done, the simplest solution is to create a time management system of sorts to give you a better balance between being a fan of both. Anyone can devote time to two things they love and still get the satisfaction of enjoying them both very equally. Then again too much of one thing is not anything bad. Sure, it makes you feel as if you are simply ignoring the other part of your fandom but as long as you are still watching your favorite anime and playing your favorite games, it should be a win-win.

When it comes to a website perspective however, this could be a make or break deal; especially if you pride yourself on providing a varied spread of content between the two. It becomes a matter of alienating viewers who love your site for anime over the ones that enjoy the gaming aspects. The situation can also be taken vice-versa when dealing with anime over gaming. It becomes a matter of now balancing personal loves and interests over the interests and focus of a website. This may very well be where most of the drama in running a website develops from. If you want to share your passionate love for a particular title on your site you risk not providing an equal spread of gaming love and anime love. This varies from individual to individual but seeing as many of you run sites yourselves, what do you all think? Is it a situation that develops for you? Do you ever feel or think that you may focus to heavy on one aspect when you also want to focus on another? Feel free to leave us a comment below and tell us how you feel!

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  1. I can see how as a website it can be tough to cover both things instead of focusing on one. As an individual I think it’s easy to do both, but I say to just go for it regardless. If you enjoy both, then you should simply have fun writing articles about both. On my site, I write about novels, comics, manga, anime, and movies. I just write about everything making my site fairly themeless as there is hopefully something for everyone. I do spend a lot more time playing video games than watching anime though. Video Games are decisively my favorite hobby. They’re just so addicting and I could spend a whole day playing Super Smash Bros without getting bored. The most anime I’ve watched in a row would only be about 7-8 hours and then I would get really tired so I don’t have the same amount of stamina for it. Plus, I don’t want to fall asleep or be drowzy during an episode because I want to remember everything that happened.

    I definitely agree that Time Management is crucial. No matter how much work or responsibilities you have, proper time management can ensure that everything has its time. Even if you may go a day or two without being able to watch anime or play games, at least you can know that you managed your time for your other projects well.

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    • Awesome comment! I couldn’t agree more! I love in-depth comments like these on our discussion points! It is all about doing what you love but I would also bear in mind that for those needing views, it may hamper on way or the other.


      • Between work, anime, and gaming, time management can be rough. If I have plenty of time for both, then I will certainly use it to play/watch something worth my time, and I might binge an entire weekend or two…

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  2. I love this post because this is so true to me. There are times where I focus on thing than the other. I have been mostly stuck on anime than video games. I really need go back to playing the PS4. Hopefully, I can better manage my time once I get done with this college quarter.

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  3. The problem is that when you play a video game, that’s all you can do besides maybe listening to music. Reading a manga means I can also have the TV playing and my iPod going and easily stop if I need to answer the door or anything. Plus sometimes when I’m actually in the mood to game, updates take forever and I lose my drive.

    Both are very fun though, and I like to read articles on both anime/manga and video games.

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  4. I definitely have times when I’m only watching anime, or just reading manga, or novels, or where I’m spending all my time gaming. I find it is what it is, so stressing over it will just make me guilty, browser the internet killing time and not do any of them. So might as well go with it.
    Plus when I am in the mood for one thing in particular, it helps my motivation in writing about it. So if I’m on an anime binge, I’ll write about various anime’s I feel I always to write about but never did. Of course it does mean the content can be biased, but better that than no content at all 😅
    It’s interesting you’re talking about time management becaue just a few days ago I installed a time tracking app to see where I’m really spending my time, and doing what, and it’s really opened my eyes when I see internet get a huge gob of it because of me just browsing about doing nothing 😅

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  5. I’ll admit that my anime watching eats up a lot of the time I may have spent gaming in recent months. I was attempting Dark Souls again but that has fallen away and I don’t know when I’ll pick it up again. Honestly, other than the time management, Anime and Gaming do work really well together. They tell stories, they amuse, the create worlds and characters, and that’s something a lot of us seek out.

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  6. I am not a gamer but I can definitely relate to this post. Being a bibilophile and an animanga fan is tough! There are few animanga/book bloggers as far as I know (I feel there are many gaming/anime blogs out there. Am I correct?)
    Hahaha, time management, what is that? *cough cough* I kind of balance on one thing too much I guess? I really need to learn how to balance my posts and time management!


  7. No, I don’t think you alienate people when you focus on anime or gaming too much on your site. You have a passion for both, so I don’t think it’s an issue. And just look at my blog, I write about the most varied stuff, not just anime. Anyway, good discussion post.

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  8. Gah! I so get where you are coming from, I sometimes worry about that myself. I guess with my site I always hope that the people who are more into the anime side will find an appreciation in the style side and the people on the style side will get interested in watching anime and reading some manga! I know that for me I actually enjoy sites that are varied because it exposes me to other stuff I end up getting interested in. If it helps I think you have a great balance to your site!

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  9. For me I realized this problem in myself and that is why I have made Otaku Collision focused solely on anime instead of video games. However, in my personal life, I tend to devote much more of my time for otaku hobbies and only play my New 3DS XL when writing game reviews for Christ Centered Gamer. Time management is something that I would never do myself because I like to follow what I currently enjoy in the moment and don’t feel that a set schedule is needed.


  10. You can totally do both. These two styles often cross. Take SAO, they are making a VR version of that and they already have RPGs on the PS4 based off that series. And then Final Fantasy 15 is getting the double treatment since it is being released with an anime called “Brotherhood” and a CG film called “Kingsglaive”. The styles criss-cross so you can definitely do both.


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