Let’s Talk Gaming: Overwatch Opinions

With the week almost at an end it is hard to believe that we have achieved one full week with Blizzards beautiful game, Overwatch. With a feverish build up to launch since the ending of the open beta, Overwatch has stormed into many of our lives, utterly destroying any conceived notion of a social life outside of this game. Well, maybe not that drastic but just about everyone is playing it. So what do we at OGZ think of it after its first full week? It’s fantastic. A masterpiece in every sense with just with some minor issues. What do I mean by that? Well for one, it gets pretty annoying seeing everyone want to play Soldier 76, Tracer and McCree every-single-match. It’s frustrating to see player after player rush headlong into the fight, individually mind you, just to die to an onslaught of bullets from a well functioning team. Maybe they also expect you to heal them when they are halfway across the map and behind the whole enemy team. You are on your own buddy. I mean that in the most direct and emotionless way possible. Now I am not bringing up anything new as this is an issue that is massively prevalent in the community. For many players, hearing the words shooter inspires them to believe that this game will play like their Call of Duty or Battlefield titles when infact it does not.

D.Va loves good team comp! And Explosions.

The wave of players that are experiencing Overwatch after having only played CoD are in for a smack in the face almost. It’s not a one man show, it’s not about who got the most kills out of your team and the map; it’s about teamwork. A match only depends on one of two things: Do you hold the objective? & Are you moving the Payload (inverse these for defending). Once you realize that your K/D literally means nothing, we will talk about this one later, the better off you can play the game. Pushing the objectives takes a team not an individual wanting all the glory and the Play of The Game (POTG). However with a game still in it’s early days of release and with many players proving to be untested, it will be interesting to see which path everyone will eventually take however, a lot of users are pretty fed up with seeing matches ruled with nothing but the aforementioned characters that tend to be chosen the most. These characters while awesome, have become something of a bane almost with many players simply seeking to drop matches over having to fight with a team that does not understand the importance of a diverse team composition. Frankly many are just plum tired of seeing the defeat screen when it comes to these sort of teams. Blizzards official way of handling this is a bit eh. They push for playing a custom game, which cannot be put into the matchmaking, is there for users to use however it just is not as fun as a quick play dive. While I would like to cap how many players can choose a certain character, bear in mind that you may end up just forming a queue line for people who just want to play that said character as soon as someone else switches from them.

With that being said there is still a ton of fun moments to be had with multiple characters. Like three Reindhart’s for example. You get a triangular shield of pure walking death and with a D.Va right in the center you got yourself a pretty nice compositon. Just hope that the enemy team does not have a Pharah or a Tracer with an ultimate ready to pop. There are diverse amount of strategies to be implemented with multiples of the same type but if you lack the knowledge of actually playing said character(s) then you are in for a world of hurt and an unenjoyable match. You really have to know how to play your character and if you think your character is a solo death machine then you got another thing coming. I cannot emphasize the importance of working together anymore than I already have. Now the last complaint that I can give is just the simple fact that the matches all feel short, I know I am insane for saying this, especially when you can have bottled neck overtime games. Though you will have some matches where you start you fight and then within three minutes the objective is taken in full and the match is done. Granted this is a small opinion based nitpick but it is one none-the-less.

What the game does right is to inspire memorable moments of team play that is the best that I have ever experienced to date. For every bad string of matches I have, I get almost the same amount back. Just now I had a good string of matches but the last bit finally tailed off. Nothing wrong with losses. This game is too fun to concern yourself with a loss. The characters more than make up for it. If you want to read our actual review, feel free to click this link right here! We will be featuring a written review on the, Overwatch Collectors Edition sometime tomorrow! We also hope to get a video uploaded to YouTube as well! Until next time! Love, D.Va.

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1 thought on “Let’s Talk Gaming: Overwatch Opinions

  1. I saw your gameplay video and that game is looks fun. I have a feeling that I would most likely die more often. I am used to playing Call of Duty haha. The character with the mech you were using look fun. If I got the game, I would like to play as the samurai.

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