Let’s Talk Gaming: Undead Darlings No Cure For Love

Once in awhile, you come across a gem. It may not be the brightest and sometimes it may be the brightest of the bunch. Today I happened upon a little gem that is in the earliest phases of it’s Kickstarter campaign. The game in question is simply called, Undead Darlings: No Cure For Love. The game is a visual novel game at heart with added dungeon crawling elements plus romance options! It includes a group of wonderfully adorable zombie girls, well not quite zombie, they still have their human hearts and are very much alive, just undead. These girls are what remains of a few individuals who ‘survived’ a zombie virus that has left the country and possibly the world, in shambles. You assume the role of a man by the name of, Reggie, who is setting out to try and mass produce a cure that was engineered by his father to help and try to cure the zombie virus that has swept the nation. Through your journey you will team up with the various zombie girls and a man by the name of Buck who happens to drive a big Hybrid Truck, which you will use to store the loot gathered through the dungeons that your girls explore. Your ultimate goal is to figure out how this cure works by opening up and connecting to one of the girls of your choosing! It all plays out in typical Visual Novel fashion and from what I can see from both the Kickstarter video and the screenshots is that it all looks amazing!

Now the game is still trying to get on it’s own two legs. The developers of the title have pretty much self funded much of the development and are looking to crowdfunding for the rest of it all. It is both helpful financially and it opens it up to early feedback especially when it concerns gameplay features, which this game is not lacking in! Here is a list of the features so far… (Sourced from their press kit link)

  • Gorgeous hand-drawn HD visuals throughout, including inverted character art—a small and often overlooked detail in RPGs!
  • An off-the-wall, unpredictable, and contemporary sense of humor brings the Funpocalypse to life!
  • Over 300,000 words comprise the script, which teases player expectations and encourages mature character growth from existing archetypes!
  • Over 20 floors of dungeon crawling goodness! Travel well-worn survival horror locales—tropes intact!
  • In true “post-apocalypse” fashion, loot some loot to survive the dungeons!
  • Stack damage against multiple enemy weaknesses with the EE (Exponential Exploitation) battle system!
  • Try out different Skills in battle to unlock Linked Skills, and then create custom Macros using them for efficient auto-battling!
  • Unlock over 20 beautiful CGs by learning about each character through the choices you make!
  • Battle against an enemy bestiary unlike any before — nothing is too outlandish in this Funpocalypse!

The game will include dungeon crawl segments. They should play out in typical dungeon crawl fashion where you wander in a first person perspective and run into monsters and items of your choosing. While there is not much shown in way of equip-able items, I can assume that we will have the standard run of items that will boost HP, Defense, Attack, etc… Consumables would also be another no brainier. The game also promises to have a linked skills system as well as custom macros for easily using said skills within battle. While on PC this makes sense I hope to see this implemented in full on the PS4. If it doesn’t work with a controller a keyboard and mouse can still be used on PS4, FFXIV being one notable exception that allows you to play using either input method. Would it be a nightmare to code? Quite possibly although, it makes more sense for a MMO to utilize this as a secondary input method and not so much a visual novel on consoles. Right now all I can do is speculate but through further interviews and information released by the creators we may be able to see more of the games systems in action!

Through crowdfunding they are aiming to expand what the game is capable of bringing in terms of gameplay experience. While these are stretch goals, some of them may become more fleshed out in detail with successful funding. A few examples of funding goals are physical PS4 releases, a PS Vita release and an overhauled UI. What has me excited is the fact that the Vita is in there for consideration. Now porting and developing for the handheld is not always the easiest but it is awesome to see indie developers giving consideration to the platform. It does happen to boast a pretty good library when it comes to VN’s, especially considering the newest release, Ray Giant, leading the VN pack. That being said even if this title does not get the Vita port, I am still interested in seeing how it will run on the PS4 itself. I am hoping for some awesome trophy support as it will undoubtedly have Steam Achievement support, as most titles do these days. Check out the video below for some quick information about the game!

The following is their promotional video for their Kickstarter!

Now this title has some pretty outstanding support from the voice acting community, with actresses such as Laura Post and Erica Mendez, the game looks to provide voiced dialogue through certain aspects of the game (There is a stretch goal aimed at providing a lot more voice work in game). Granted this is also a VN in which you can connect with one of the Zombie girls so they gotta have an adorable or amazing voice. We may be personally biased towards the work of the fantastic Erica Mendez, Ryuko Matoi from Kill la Kill. It’s a no brainer, pun not intended, to have big name VA’s in a small indie game, it does help with exposure and promotion as well. Still, the voice talent work is soemthing to be admired and they have some really talented ladies working with them. There is not a provided rating for the title yet, I can assume a T rating from what I have seen thus far. I am not sure if it would go for an M rating, it does not seem like it would play out like a game of Senran Kagura or Danganronpa. If you are interested in finding out more about the title, feel free to visit their Kickstarter page. We will also try our best to feature this upcoming VN on our website! As of this writing they are about 35-40% funded, almost to the halfway point with only 25 days left! Let’s help get this title funded! Undead Darlings: No Cure For love is projected for release on PC/Mac/Linux and PS4 in April 2017 (Tentative date).

Official Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mrtired/undead-darlings-a-visual-novel-rpg-for-pc-and-ps4

Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/UndeadDarlings

Official Website: http://www.mrtiredmedia.com/games/undead-darlings-no-cure-for-love/

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