Discussion Point: The Righteous Gamers Are Toxic (Part 2 of 2)

In continuation with our part one to this article, you do not need to read the first one but it would be nice, we will be discussing the fact that the self-proclaimed saviors of the gaming world are toxic. From the attitude of being better than the rest, to the notion that most believe that they are representing the best of the gaming world when they actually do not. We always have the best intentions at heart when it comes to bringing a great idea to the table. It is sadly buried behind so much ideology and stance that we often look into the mirror to see that we have become something of a negative icon in the community or worse, becoming one.

It all starts with the crusade against the bad ones of the community. What makes the individuals that go after the supposedly sour sports the actual good guys? Save for a select few that are actually bastions of good, what of the rest? When you aggressively try to go after an individual that is causing you stress or grief, how does it look to the rest of the people? Well it looks a bit one sided really, at least from my own perspective. I have always put more weight into just doing the right thing, versus hunting the wrong doers down and then forcing them to behave. That defeats the purpose of trying to do good. Being good is not forcing another person to abide by your predefined rules, it’s literally learning to turn the other cheek and realize that it is all just a game.

Taking those poor sports down, one D.Va at a time.

The good gamers often feel out of reach when it comes to criticism and some, I am sure, feel rather appalled when they are called out on something. It would be like never being late for class and then when you are late and called out for it you just feel entirely lost and confused. The simple fact is that being good and righteous in the gaming world is often taken the wrong way entirely. You can be seen as both nosy, pushy and chauvinistic while not trying to appear so. You think and feel that what you are doing is the right thing to do. Heck, even the toxic gamers that troll and berate others feel as if they are doing a bit of good fighting but the methods and results they use, seem to be a bit more drastic. This still is a conversation that needs to be had because frankly, I am a bit worn out on having to see someone chase others down in game due to them being poor sports or not having a headset. Too many times have I played games like CoD or Battlefield and there has always been that one person, that one player who starts the game off nice and leads on in try to conduct a great strategy and then when one or two other players lack a headset and don’t want to talk, the person loses it. They call them names, tell them they suck or that they are not a team player and yet they come in being cordial and friendly. That doesn’t seem, look or even feel like a righteous gamer who is just there to have a fun match.

The underlying factor is that we all have our blackened moods our harsh and rude tones that seep into our gaming culture. As much as we try to fight the urge to just play the game we cannot help but want to mediate someone elses experience. We want the match to playout how WE feel a match should play. It never is taken into account that maybe we are one siding this viewpoint on our own objective. Frankly we never feel that we are being too opinionated on the matter as a whole rather, we feel we are going after the gamers who are causing our games to slide or who are being poor sports. In essence we become antagonistic and become the very thing that we as righteous gamers set out to be. So how can we not fall for the same troupes that have been played out? Frankly we may never stop. We just want to experience games that are both fun and engaging, while also being fun for everyone in our party. To truly be a golden and angelic symbol in the gaming world, one must simply not push themselves to be one. Just play the game. Support your team or be helpful in cooperative situations. Even non vocal players have learned to communicate via jump, shooting or emotes. These players have led successful play sessions and are frankly some of the few good gamers out there.

Now these views are purely my own and while this discussion point is shorter than the last, it still is something that i feel passionate in talking about. I want to hear from you all about your experience with gamers that are so goody that they end up becoming nagging and self-righteous individuals. Maybe they become the nannies of your game or maybe they turn into the monsters that they vehemently hunt down in the community. Feel free to leave a comment down in the comment section below and as always we appreciate your support in reading and visiting our website at OGZ. I feel as if I always need to explain my absences and lack of motivation for writing but frankly we all hit a wall and sometimes that wall is just too difficult to get over within a few days. I still greatly and immensely appreciate all everyone has done for me and for the ones who continue to write for our website.

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  1. It’s sad that the Call of Duty example you mentioned is true. :/

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