What We Think of the Spring 2016 Anime So Far!

Hello everyone! A bit of a shorter post today, I have been busy with life, work and life. It’s amazing what a mental trip work can do to you but, I’ll try my best to not let that interfere with my work here! Now with the 2016 Anime season in full swing we get to look back on what we like so far and I have to say, the latest season of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is really doing it for me. From the catchy opening and ending, to it’s just over the top humor and fights. Everything about this new season screams quality to me. On the other hand both of Trigger’s titles, Kiznaiver and Space Patrol are as fantastic as ever and play out with typical Trigger form! The animation and atmosphere, to the inter-weaving of Space Patrol and Kill la Kill are things that make me love Trigger so much more. While I am only sitting on three titles at the time of this writing I do plan on adding more in the future. I may be diving into some titles in late Spring or early Summer, depending on the timing and what not. I am still slogging through a few Winter titles as well, which is neither ideal nor was it planned. However these three titles have been more than accommodating to the schedule. I would say that while I have waned a bit in my anime mood, I can safely say that I have been keeping up to pace with the three I have mentioned. That KLK reference in the latest Space Patrol though. I will have another Let’s Talk Anime up soon on one or two of these titles. Possibly one on Kiznaiver since the series is taking a tonal turn that I have not expected. It isn’t bad though! I am pleasantly surprised with how Trigger is playing this one out and I love the ride thus far. The characters are phenomenal and the art is fantastic.

Granted life has been very, very busy these past few months and that has added to the overall delay in our anime content. It has been a very game focused ship for the past few weeks now and I know for some that this is neither ideal nor their personal favorites. I have been trying to keep the games I talk about on here, as close to anime as I possibly can but let’s face it, DOOM nor Overwatch is really in that genre, well maybe Overwatch more so… I do promise that we will have more on the titles we are watching, just as soon as they start to wrap up, seeing as Kiznaiver is looking to be 12 episodes and Jojo is probably sitting at the same amount so, we still got some play time left. I do highly recommend Kiznaiver, if you have not already started this fantastic anime. It is available on Crunchyroll for your viewing pleasure. I am sure other sites may have picked this license up too but I believe Crunchyroll may be the only one currently. If you also happen to use the LINE chat app, they did just release some awesome Space Patrol Luluco stickers! They are the best thing ever made, well maybe not the best but pretty darn close.  Until next time everyone!

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1 thought on “What We Think of the Spring 2016 Anime So Far!

  1. It looks like you are enjoying Kiznaiver and Space Patrol. I still haven’t seen those anime yet. My schedule is unfair for me.

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