State of OGZ!

So a bit of a shorter post for today! I am busy trying to build up some content to talk about for this weekend. I apologize for the long periods of non posting! This past week has been filled with both Beta Testing and New game launches. We did talk about our Time with the Overwatch beta in the form of a Let’s Talk however, I do want to provide a recap for the title sometime soon! We also have a new launch title on PC, Stellaris, that we are going to be reviewing hopefully today or tomorrow. The review is turning out to be a big one, so I hope I can touch all the basis properly. We also have a PS Vita article in the works. I have no clue as to what that article will be about, it may be a state of my collection or possibly talk about some of my new title acquisitions. I know we have been on a gaming rant lately and for the fans that want the anime, I apologize for not talking much about the anime side of life, we are watching current anime titles and are awaiting the finishing of said titles. While I do wish to give a recap of the titles I am watching, I do not know if that will be something I finish today or on another day.

I did get some DM’s on Twitter asking if I stopped blogging due to how inactive we have been and no, just life sometimes gets in the way and you want to take some time away for yourself. Especially with new title releases and beta runs. I also have video footage from the now finished Overwatch beta, which I would like to have edited and with commentary tied to it. I want to say that it would be nice to give a vocal impressions of said beta, along with an in depth, written one. That remains to be seen however! So please take this as the, I am not dead but still kicking post! I hope to have content trickling out very soon and I do hope to start using the staged posting on WordPress more often, that way when I do need to take time away, I can still have articles rolling out. Just need to work on that dilligence….


1 thought on “State of OGZ!

  1. That’s okay Kauses. Take your time. We will be waiting. ^^

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