Let’s Talk Gaming: Overwatch

So if you have been following our Twitter feed as of late, you may notice we have been rather absent from our website. With good reason though! We have recently become enamored by the beauty and pure fun that is Blizzard’s, Overwatch. This game is a team centric game where your goal is the defense of an objective or the capture of a point. While the modes may vary from match to match, the premise of the title remains the same. Now, I am not one for multiplayer games and I for one find the concept rather off putting. You have so many sour apples in the bunch that it often times ruins the enjoyment of the game or just puts me off all together. This however, is not a factor; as of yet. The game is just so vivid, so awesome, that I have a hard time nitpicking at the player environment. In fact my experience has been quite the opposite from what I would have expected from a rather competitive title. Instead I have been experiencing rather pleasant games with pleasant players. Save for the game sessions where everyone wants to play as the heroine, Tracer, those matches have ended in some frustration. If you are unfamiliar with the title that is, Overwatch, allow me a bit of your time then.

Overwatch is Blizzard’s first original IP in a long while that is not based on former IP’s or characters from their previous entries. This game seeks to emulate the popularity of a similar and inspirational title, Team Fortress 2 (TF2). TF2 has been a popular title and while it may have waned in the lime-light in recent years, it is still a dominant force in the multiplayer arena. As such titles like Battleborn and Overwatch seek to reinvigorate the base that enjoys this type of play style. While I cannot speak for Battleborn, due to having no interest in the title what-so-ever, I can speak for the fact that Overwatch has rekindled my interest in the TF2 type of team based play. What makes it so much fun? Well, the cast of heroes and heroines for one. They bring to the table such vibrant and unique personalities that you, frankly, do not see from TF2. From the wildly popular Tracer to the… interesting Junkrat. Each has a story and a background uniquely their own. The premise of the game is different for each character but please do read this excerpt taken from the Overwatch Wiki page

The story of Overwatch starts in a highly fictionalized version of future Earth, where humans and robots known as the Omnics existed together. The peace did not last; the omniums producing the omnics went rogue and began constructing militarized robots to stage an uprising. To fight back, the United Nations found the most elite soldiers from around the world and formed the peacekeeping force known as Overwatch.

Their job was to save earth from the rogue omnics, which they did quite successfully. Over the next 30 years, Overwatch grew to be a vast coalition of the world’s top soldiers and scientists. Though it was revered across the planet, as time went on accusations of human rights abuses and internal conspiracy tore the organization apart. Now, with terrorism rampant, inequality commonplace, and corrupt companies unchecked, one thing is clear: the world needs heroes.

These heroes and heroines now fight in arenas for unknown reasons. They could just be fighting for ideological reasons, fame or just for the fun of it. All we know at OGZ is that the game is ridiculously fun. The cast is so vast that I am excited to see how this roster will grow and change in the far off future. Will they bring their worlds together? I mean one character, D. Va is actually a former competitive Starcraft 2 player so, there’s that connection. Does it mean much? Well at this time in the game, anything can go. I would however be interested to see if they bring more characters in through DLC, which they very well may. Maybe even via free patch updates.

The Gameplay

Now, the game is a shooter first and foremost but it does not play like, Destiny or Call of Duty. It plays like TF2. IF you have no clue as to what I am talking about then I shall do my best to provide some sort of explanation. The objective of the game is to fight the opposing player teams for control of points or for the movement of an objective. You achieve this by fighting. Some of the heroes and heroines that you play will have specific play styles. Assaults, Tanks, Supports, Healers, etc… Each will have a specific play style that one adopts to and performs on the map. You have a weapon of some sort that can damage the enemy. While Kill’s over Death’s (K/D) is an important factor for numbers you only must concern yourself with making sure your team is the dominate one on the battlefield. If you wish to meet your enemies on the field of battle then you may pick an assault type who goes in to make sure they can make the opposing team feel threatened or you can support your mates by healing them or providing buffs. It seems complicated but it is rather simple once you get down to the dirty business of it all. Now every Hero and Heroine will have a set of moves. These range from passive abilities like grenades or hook-shots to healing orbs or secondary weapons. All of these are tools that help every specific character in the game. The damaging of opponents and use of these abilities allow the player to build up their Ultimate. These abilities can be devastating attacks or powerful support moves. Just about everyone of them has their uses and are immensely powerful, when used at the proper moment and time.

This all seems awkward to explain so hopefully I can get some time to maybe make a video or at least commentate on some of the footage I will be posting when that time comes. Now the match types are small at the current time. I have only experienced two types of game types. A match where one team presses and objective, I.E. a moving truck of explosives (I am assuming), or the capture of points on a map. Either route you go one team is always on the defense while the other is on the attack. It provides for some seriously fun moments and potentially abrasive ones. These game types span a few maps ranging from Hollywood to the exotic reaches of Japan. Every map just pops with colorful detail and truly feels like a world fit for the Overwatch theme. They are large and they provide various approaches. For characters such as Hanzo or Widowmaker, some maps may offer cunning hideaways for long-range snipes or choke points for the turret mode of Bastion. Each map offers the teams of 6 unique approaches to each game type and keeps you guessing where the enemy will go. Unless you are using Widowmaker’s ultimate. Then you know exactly where they are going. There has never been a moment where I have not felt as if the map where lacking some essences of detail or some deeper polish.

Cinematic Trailer for Overwatch!

The game feels extremely well done and it comes off as very professional. They may be able to release it now with no issues but Beta’s are immensely helpful in finding issues with character balances and for exploits that may be game breaking or down right unfair for many players. No one likes a poor sport when it comes to the gaming world and neither does Blizzard. In fact the ensuring of a good game is one that Blizzard takes very seriously and this issue has gone to explain why they have not allowed cross play between PC and console players. The issue is a factor of balance and fairness. Blizzard feels that PC Players may have too much of an unfair edge over the console players, based on the fact that a mouse and keyboard are a lot more accurate than a standard gaming controller. As well as having to face exploits found by PC players that may not be accessible for console players. Though this is not stopping Blizzard from expressing interest in a possible future of a cross play update, provided Sony and Microsoft are game with this sort of approach. I for one would enjoy it however, I know that not everyone feels the same as I do.

The Characters

Now game is not lacking one bit in the character department as mentioned previously above. You are guaranteed to find a character that you love both in looks and mechanics wise. Others have broughten controversy to light, I am looking at you Tracer, while others have quickly become fan-favorites. I can safely say that if you love the diverse spread of characters you have on games like League of Legends or Defense of the ancients 2, then you have yourself an awesome selection! Now one thing that you have to get over is that while you may prefer a certain character, you will have to understand that four others may also want to play that same person. Trust me, I have had a match with four Tracers and it did not go over well. Maybe that is what Blizzard wants. Who knows, all I know is that it makes games interesting! On the other hand you get an amazing selection of heroes and heroines to choose from so you may not run into the issue of having a character that you absolutely hate or just cannot play. At least you aren’t locked into playing only one type of character and class.


The game does promote a wider use of different class types by letting each team know what they are missing and everyone can look to adjust their spread evenly. However this seldom works in the beta from what I have seen thus far. They do however have a weekly match type, where upon character death you spawn as an entirely different character, which exposes players to more play styles. That is another aspect that makes every character type unique. They all play differently and have their ups as well as their downs. While you may have a strictly healing character on one end you may have a healer who can also dish out the damage too. That’s what makes the character spread in Overwatch so grand! You can have characters that are polar opposites but who are in the same category type. It makes games that much more enjoyable, especially when you are able to get a match that really gets you using your hero or heroine to their fullest extent possible. I can say for sure that I am playing character types that I never thought I would be interested in trying until I was able to get some down time with the actual beta.

Is The Game For Me?

A question a lot of players will be asking themselves is the question of, will this game be a game that I will enjoy? Frankly that is a hard question to answer. If you love diversity in the shooter genre then by all means yes, you will. If you are not a big fan on the sole aspect of multiplayer based gameplay then no you won’t. It will depend on the player as he or she will have a number of factors to weigh against. Especially console players where a Gold or PS+ is required for online play during the games launch, PS4 players may access the current beta without a need for a PS+ subscription but will require one for the game’s release. That is also yet, another huge factor for many gamers that are looking to get into this sort of game. Another question that I feel may be asked is do you I need to be competitive to play? No. Not unless you feel you are going to play in the ranked/competitive match types. You can always enjoy a quick play or a 6 person match versus a team of AI’s. The game is open to players who just want to have some fun, versus the ones who want to play competitively.

Overwatch is currently in open beta for the public on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The game is set to launch this, May 24th. IF you are interested in checking the game out, feel free to pay attention to our official YouTube channel for game commentary and live-stream event! (Live Stream yet to be determined). We will provide links to the game site, as well as a pre-order on GameStop’s page. If you are planning on purchasing the game or already have, feel free to let us know down in the comment section below! If you have got a PS4, we would love to play with you!

Official Overwatch Website: https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/

Official Overwatch Twitter: https://twitter.com/playoverwatch

Pre-Order Overwatch: http://www.gamestop.com/collection/overwatch

Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/OGZ_Kausus


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  1. This game does remind me of TF2 because of the characters and the gameplay resembles Call of Duty. This game looks fun but I don’t play as much as multiplayer compared to single player. Still, it looks fun and the characters looks very interesting.


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