Let’s Talk Gaming: Stellaris and other 4X games

If you haven’t already heard about or seen this game, then you can read our first article about Stellaris here or you can visit their official site by clicking on me! If you are already in the know, and have accepted the Blorg into your heart, then we can proceed further into this Let’s Talk. I was recently asked a question by a coworker that got me thinking. Granted I answered his question in full but it is a question that I am sure a lot of PC gamers are asking themselves right now. What makes Stellaris that much more amazing when compared to other 4X titles? I mean they are just following the same formula as a bunch of other titles before it so, surely there is no difference? Well, you would be right to assume that there are a lot of basic ‘cookie cutter’ ideas taken in by this title but you would also be wrong in lumping it in with every other 4X game out there. Allow me to extrapolate upon that reasoning.

First off, Stellaris is at heart a 4X game but it is also a grand strategy. This is the first key difference. It is a pretty big one seeing as a comparable game like, Galactic Civilizations, mainly just focuses on the strategy portion. Other games like, The X series of games, will focus heavily on the 4X aspect and struggle to grasp the in depth strategy portion. Stellaris is attempting to blend these two in an almost seamless pattern. Taking the grand, nation wielding format that has been tried and tested in their previous entries and bringing it into the scope of a more living universe teeming with factions that are fighting and vying for their own agendas. This plays into the formula that is often seen in their other titles like, Crusader Kings 2 & Victoria 2, were you have large nations vying for resources or borders. While my time with Galactic Civilizations gave me a taste of this sort of play style it did not have the depth that we have seen so far with with Stellaris promises to bring us. That being said a lot of other games before this title have both promised to bring us new and exciting features and while many have faltered in that regards, many others have stood tall and brought forth games with absolutely fun and engrossing features. Still waiting on that perfect blend of Space empire management and being able to lands troops, tanks and stuff on planets and transition between the two seamlessly.

Now Galactic Civilizations is not the only game out there that has given us this sort of, tried and tested format. Games like Endless Space and Sins of a Solar Empire are prime examples. Not perfect in their presentation of a 4X or grand strategy but still games that we generally consider to be examples of a system that we enjoy. Stellaris is trying to blend two methods of gameplay and development. This is after all a first for Paradox Interactive and it is exciting to see where they are taking this game. Now, Stellaris is and will be another foot stone on the path to building better and better 4X games. I can guarantee the lessons Paradox has learned in making this game, will go to serve as a basis for future games from other companies, including Paradox. There is so much going on within this title that it boggles the mind to think that this game is any but great. That remains to be seen however as we have only been able to see glimpses of late features and what we can see from the Paradox Livestream event.  Now what this game adds in terms of bettering the 4X genre is a lot of customization and events. Anyone who has ever played Crusader Kings 2, understands how fun and random these events can truly be. Stellaris adds a new type of event to keep the late game players from feeling as if they have conquered all that they can. These aptly named, Late Game Events, trigger at points in the game where the player is on the cusp of winning it all or at a point where the game may seem won. It is with these events that you could see all you worked for com crashing down or you desperately trying to unify what contenders are left in the galaxy for one last valiant push to combat a true galactic threat. Just thinking about a last stand scenario makes me giddy to play this game! If I get the chance to!

Paradox’s latest creation is available for pre-order and can be played on May 9th of this year! If you are planning on picking this title up, let us know! We hope to feature some more content on the days leading up to the release. We will also do our very best in trying to stream the content on launch day!

Official Site: https://www.paradoxplaza.com/stellaris

Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/StellarisGame

Official Paradox Twitter: https://twitter.com/PdxInteractive

Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/OGZ_Kausus


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