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Welcome back to our short article series where we give a featured spot to an up and coming website, established one or collaborative post! We have no requirements for this section, we simply find sites to feature from the anime community and give them a place on our front page for some nice exposure! Tonight we are featuring a little gem of a site called, This website is ran by the ever amazing, Katrina Sade, a woman of varied interests and tastes! Her interests range from anime, K-Drama’s & Make-up. While these topics may not blend together in a normal setting, Sade mixes them all so wonderfully that you hardly notice. As stated, she does like to mix subjects that are not commonly featured on the same site; Granted it is far from being an odd mix once one thinks about it. While I do not wear or purchase make-up myself, it is nice to see a lady in the anime community giving out tips, likes and possibly tricks to those who are interested in the make-up aspect of day to day life. Maybe she could mix it up in the future with cosplay related tips and tricks? I think that mixture would fair very well in her court; seeing as she already has the anime side down!

Grimm feature

With a superb writing form and style all her own, Sade is just taking each day as she would in any normal situation. Her anime section is devoted to her loving anime interests, plus manga and her personal section covers topics that are important enough for her to share on a public level. I really enjoyed her article on us all having the voice to end the rape culture that permeates our current society. It’s a great read and is just only icing on what she has to offer her potential readers. Now I hate, HATE seeing great authors, like Sade, with only 27 followers! Granted she is new to the scene but come on! She writes on a level unlike myself here at OGZ! Wait… Am I allowed to pull myself down? Yes? Great! In all seriousness, she just celebrated a 20 follower milestone and is shooting for the big 50 currently. She is also an active face on Twitter and can be found liking various twitter account feeds and engaging with the local anime twitter community on Twitter.

If you want a healthy dose of anime, personal articles, future K-Drama articles then consider giving her site a visit. Better yet, let her know Kausus from OGZ sent you! I just hope you all can love her content as much as we love seeing it pop up in our anime tag feed. We will provide links to her website and twitter page so you all can follow her on her respective social media outlets! We apologize for taking so long with getting a new website feature up! Frankly I just lost the drive or motivation to go out and find websites to feature… I know terrible! I hope this helped with the in between time!

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3 thoughts on “Website Feature: Grimmgirldotcom

  1. She is awesome. I love her posts.

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  2. Another great feature my friend yay someone new to follow 🙂

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  3. Fantastic feature 🙂

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