Let’s Talk Anime: The Bonds That Bind Us

With episode four hot on our tracks, Kiznaiver is already off to both a deep and funny start. Having met all the characters in the Kiznaiver program, we begin to see our characters follow their lives in a more unique way. More concerned about causing pain to the rest of the group we get to see a window into how this social experiment is working. While Kiznaiver is the basis for this, “Let’s Talk Anime”, it will be an basic theme. To work off of. While not quite a discussion it is a topic that is none-the-less interesting to explore. While I have been hearing whispers of comparisons to an older anime, I simply will base my discussion off of Kiznaiver’s concepts. The concepts being wanting to find yourself in others and that drive to share a deeper bond. I have yet to watch an anime that explores bonds the way that Kiznaiver does. While only three episodes in, the basis for a very deep anime is already there. While there are silly parts and one member happens to get off by bodily injury, the anime is unique in how it tackles these bonds. Everyone wants to be able to find themselves in someone else. It is why we bond with individuals with whom we get along with the most. We can find ourselves within them and therefore a form of acceptance or at least this is what we would hope to find within them.


We want to be understood. Anime fans know this better than anyone else. We hail from a fandom that is often made fun of, insulted and hated. We burden our share of pain. While it may not directly affect some, it hits others pretty hard. So why not find someone with whom you can relate with and share the burden of that pain, in effect, lessing it? I mean, this is what the whole premise of the Kiznaiver program is. This program is built to provide users the ability to actually be connected to share a very real and physical pain. While there are superhuman elements thrown in there, it is covering the basis for a bond in which we can truly discover one another worries and of course, pain. It is a unique concept to think about yet it is something that is very physically true to us all in the real world. I cannot express how many times I have sought others out just for vindication. Not so much now for myself now but in high school yes. You wanted to fit in, you wanted to form your own little, ‘click’. By doing so you felt some sort of acceptance or at the very least someone who was like you. They liked the same things you liked and you both generally got along. While Kiznaiver brings this to the other spectrum, forcing individuals to interact with one another and learn to accept each other, when they generally would not talk.

Its presents a situation that is both unique and very much foreign to much of what we are all used to. We all most never seek out a situation like this. It would be like an actual otaku seeking out someone in the NASCAR fandom in hopes of finding a bond to share and connect with. You are just at such opposite ends of the spectrum that you cannot help but feel as if it were all wrong to being with. Kiznaiver wants us to look at things differently however. Forming bonds out of relationships that do not make sense is what this anime pushes and it forces us to reconsider what we would a traditional bond. Besides, what do we see in bonds anyway? Do we bond because we want someone to connect with, to share a burden with or do we bond because it’s just something that we must do? I for one am curious to find out what Kiznaiver will explore in later episodes. You can currently enjoy Kiznaiver on Crucnhyroll on Saturdays!

Watch Kiznaiver: https://crunchyroll.com/kiznaiver

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