Discussion Point: Please Open Up Digital MP3’s to Global Purchases

Dear every music publisher around the globe. This is Kausus from Otaku Gamer Zone and we need to talk… You see, I am a fan of music. I love songs that get me pumped and I love songs that call out to deeper, inner emotions. Like many other individuals out there I want to purchase the songs I love and like most of them, we do not wish to obtain these items on illegal grounds. While typically seen as a small and seemingly harmless act, it has larger ramifications and potentially, legal ramifications. This is not going to be a debate/discussion over the legality and whether or not it is within your right to download the song at will. This is a discussion and plead to these music publishing powerhouses to just simply hear out a small request. Let us buy the MP3’s internationally.

I cannot express how frustrated I feel when I find a song, i.e. Boom Boom Satellites Lay Your Hands On Me, and then only to find that it won’t be coming to our digital storefronts at all or anytime soon. As fans this is like the end all be all situation. It means not being supporting an anime, game or band that you really love. All because they don’t want to pay the licensing costs or because of other legal based issues in bringing said content over. Granted companies, like Amazon Japan and Play-Asia are making it easier for the gamers to grab the titles that they want, without having to go through meticulous means just to buy them. Even Amazon Japan has finally given us the option to purchase CD music so we can get our jam on! Awesome. Except you didn’t open up the MP3 section to international purchasing? Okay, this is where the lines get a tad bit blurry and well… downright frustrating; especially when you are just wanting one or two songs from a larger album. I mean, this is just frustrating. Granted I could just buy the physical album and wait for it to ship but some users do not have that type of luxury or money. So buying the MP3’s are the best option however, we can’t.


While I do not know the finer workings of licensing or selling issues when it comes to a global market I can say that many publishing houses have given international fans access to the MP3’s of the songs that they love and enjoy, granted most of them are on iTunes; a platform that is difficult to work with for some publishing companies. However I feel that MP3’s would be an easier medium to get across to fans all over the world. Granted this is just very wishful thinking and doesn’t really hold up to snuff when talking about the larger economy and beast that is the international licensing industry. Maybe this is more of an ode to the individuals behind the licensing costs to just let up and let us buy the songs and items that we want to buy! I would rather pay the costs difference to legally own a song that I want versus using a video to MP3 converter or just straight out downloading the song through illegal means. I mean, it is hard not to want to scream out like the crazy fan that I am but this is serious business. I am a paying fan who wants to help the industry in the most legal way possible but when you get ran into a wall with sites like, Amazon Japan not accepting my international address for a simple MP3 purchase, it just makes me feel like all this effort I am putting into getting this item I want legally is all for naught. Illegally obtaining it would have been league’s easier and less hassle.

Now could I have consciously lived with this decision? No, I would have never of even gone to a torrent site or a video-MP3 converter site to being with. I do not wish to ever have that thought or notion, as a dedicated fan. To myself it is both morally wrong and it gives a sour name to what it means to be a dedicated fan.

However hard this may be, I know I will never have a full understanding as to why an MP3 is so hard to license internationally or why you cannot purchase it through support legal means, i.e. Amazon Japan MP3 for internationals. While I know that the main issue with the international purchasing may very well be local currency and accepted forms of payment, there are still lingering aspects that are beyond my grasp. All I can hope is that maybe someone in the industry is reading this and could at least provide us with some extra food for thought. At the same time I wish to see a bigger push for a more open market on international purchases regarding MP3 based music. There are many fans who are ready to support and purchase these items with legal methods. So time for the comment based discussions! Do you feel the same way? Or are you someone who lives life dangerously and goes in for the grab no matter what? Feel free to leave us a comment down below or on our Twitter page!

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7 thoughts on “Discussion Point: Please Open Up Digital MP3’s to Global Purchases

  1. Agree 100%. ( ̄ー ̄)//””

    Companies really need to focus on opening up digital licenses worldwide. Make your things available on Amazon, Google Play, PSN, e-Shop, whatever. I mean, it doesn’t take that much work, and it can bring in extra cash. I also got rejected trying to buy some digital manga on Amazon Japan. At least Amazon Japan is now starting to ship games internationally.

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    1. Indeed. While again I am not sure on the specifics, it seems like a very straight, forward process. Their potential for more capital earned is pretty great; especially when you have devoted fan-bases globally.

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  2. I can relate to this. I love music from anime and video games. I wish companies mentioned from krystallina would be more open. We need more music in the digital world.

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    1. Indeed! They really do need to open up a lot more.

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      1. Yeah I agree. If more songs get localized, I might have to start shopping and downloading music XD.

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      2. I have a list of anime songs I want to get but I can’t download them from iTunes because of this issue. I have to rely on sites like Amazon or Ebay and I buy CDs.

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