Our Hiatus

Well as you may all have seen, we haven’t been around so much these past few days. Why? Well a few things may have popped up. Are we killing OGZ? No, not by a long shot. To start off I originally took a hiatus to deal with a feeling of blandness. I was tired and needed a break from the constant worrying and care over our website. While I had gone through that break fine, that did not stop other life issues and obligations from creeping in. I have been meticulously charting finances and trying to figure stuff out for the future. Making sure I am financially sound and good to go is always a practice that I take very personally and as such it tends to get in the way of my other plans. While I am not in any financial burden currently, I am trying my best to plan for a situation that may arise soon… However my priority is to focus on the cocurrent now.

Other issues that have popped up are mainly health and personal related. That and having to help move my family members into a new house over the course of a couple of days, really eats into time with the website. However we are on track still and are actually working on several gaming related reviews and general anime impressions as well. We will also be featuring our very first mobile game as well! That is both new and scary. I do not know how well a mobile game review will be received but I can say that it is a direction I would very much love to try out and experience.

Other than that I do plan on hopefully getting an article out either later tonight or sometime tomorrow. I do not know what type of article it will be or when it will actually be out as I am still mentally elsewhere at this current point and time. I do wish to say that I will be hopefully livestreaming some PS4 gameplay while having a chat with the ever awesome and amazing Shay from Anime Review Girl. We are hopefully aiming for this Tuesday but, we will see how that works out since we are both very busy bodies! Thank you for continuing to view our website and articles that we have had out!

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7 thoughts on “Our Hiatus

  1. I hope you take this break and I hope whatever you are going through with health and personal stuff, it gets better. A live stream with Shay? That sounds fun. I can’t wait to see that. Do a shout out to me, just kidding XD.


  2. Life happens. Taking the needed time away to deal is not only understandable, it’s vital. We all need to take breaks from time to time. On a side note, a mobile game review sounds really interesting. I’m curious to see what you think. 🙂


  3. Hope everything works out.


  4. People might think you selling off your blog to me.


  5. Take all the time you need, were all not going nowhere and I’m sorry I can’t make it to your planned stream with Shay >.< if you guys did it on a weekend would work out great.


  6. Don’t worry too much about taking a break, Kausus. Many of us experience blogging burn-outs now and then. Me too, actually, I’m taking a few days off from active blogging right now. I’m not totally burned-out, though. Anyway, I hope you take this time to recover your energy and enthusiasm for blogging. Taking a break is healthy. Take care. Cheers!

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    1. Thank you! A bit old but thank you XD

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