First Impression: Space Patrol Luluco

Warning natural occuring bias ahead for anime published and created by Trigger. So with a wonderful start to the anime season, Trigger starts us off with a wonderful short. Simply titled, Space patrol Luluco, this 7:50 sec long anime covers the daily life of a girl, Luluco, trying to live a completely normal life normally while living in a small area of Japan inhabited by aliens and humans alike. Her father works for the Space Patrol organization and it is his job to uphold the law for all humans and aliens. They primarily focus on capturing or finding aliens who are cheating the system, causing ruckus or cheating on math tests… Luluco finds all of this out and more after her father becomes a solid chunk of ice, due to eating an alien ice bean. Being the responsible daughter she is, she rushes her dad into work, only to find out that she is now filling his position to work off the money for the expensive defrosting procedure. So, she in essence becomes a member of the Space Patrol!

Now this anime is a short one. Heck, I think we may even see a season two based on the fact that the very first episode tells us that it is season 1 episode 1. Unless they are just playing with us of course. I wouldn’t hold it against Trigger though. Granted we have only just seen the first episode for Space Patrol Luluco but I love it already! The art style is uniquely Triggers and the characters are going to be super fun ones. I mean, the head of the Space Patrol force looks like a dude ripped from the Gurren Lagann universe. He even has the glasses! Albeit slightly modified ones. Now the humor in this is going to be Trigger humor so, if you have not seen Kill la Kill, Little Witch Academia or Gurren Lagann I recommend that you do, just so you know what kind of ride you are in for. Other than that the voice acting is awesome and I have a feeling that this short little anime is going to provide us with a lot of laughs to be had. Not to mention I hope to see a lot of references to other anime Trigger has done, as well as what the directors of Trigger have worked on in the past, i.e. Gurren Lagann. Though we will see what comes next this Friday!

Oh and she can change into a gun.

Now Granted I am a bit biased to most of Trigger’s work and for good reason, I have yet to be disappointed. It is great to finally see them stepping behind a smaller title for a different feel. Granted I have not seen Trigger attempt something like this but I feel that it will pay off in the end, seeing as short anime are becoming more and more popular each day.

Space Patrol Luluco can currently be enjoyed from Crunchyroll! If you have seen this title, what do you think so far? Will you stick with it or will you drop it? If you have yet to see it, what are you doing? Go and watch it!

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5 thoughts on “First Impression: Space Patrol Luluco

  1. Luluco just appears to be a massive compilation of every trigger/old gainax series:

    Off the wall action = Kill La Kill
    Fire guy = Inferno Cop
    Glasses = Gurren Lagann
    Artstyle of Panty and Stocking
    Ordinary town with an ordinary life = FLCL
    Kid being thrown into circumstances = Evangelion

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  2. Wait, so it’s just one episode long?? I know what I’ll be hitting up soon! Trigger is fantastic!

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    1. No it’s a multi episode series but they are 7.50mins long.

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      1. Very peculiar. I’ll have to keep track of its name on the web.

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