First Impression: Bakuon!

Next up on our first impressions list is the anime Bakuon! Now some back story, the artists behind the manga series, Minama Orimoto, is an adult artist and this is his first move into the slice of life, comedy section. So expect to see a bit of fan-service thrown into the anime adaptation. Now on to the actual anime! So the show is first and foremost an ode to motorcycles. If you aren’t a big fan of them then the allure may be entirely lost. However, don’t let that keep you away. From fan-service to an adult-talking bike, this anime is a little bit of everything. My initial impressions of the anime were something along the lines of a more wild and adult centered K-On! BakuOn!? Coincidence? Possibly. Now the anime starts us off with a few characters, Onsa Amano, Hane Sakura, Lime Kawasaki & Rin Suzunoki, all of which love their respective rides and if you cannot tell by the names, each has a certain affinity for their choice of branded bikes. They eventually all begin to congregate at their local schools, “Bike Club” and from here they begin to dabble and express their profound loves and joys of biking. Hane Sakura is a newcomer to the motorized bikes and is lovingly exposed to the thrills and joys of riding a motorcycle. So much that she convinces herself that she should also get a bike!

Now this anime has a lot of yuri undertones and adult moments but this is just the spice that makes up this very anime! From groping Lime-Senpai’s ‘air bags’ while riding a motorcycle to a talking motorcycle that has to suffer through having her face covered in men’s crotches. This anime is not scared to voice its mature side however, the anime still has heart and comedy first. The art style is refreshing and very detailed! I absolutely love the character designs, especially Onsa Amano’s. She is a unique character and frankly the one that got me into watching this anime. Her hair is awesome and her character is equally awesome. While my initial impressions where of her being the main heroine of our anime, it is in fact centered on Hane Sakura. Which while it seems odd to start us off with a supporting character, it is just how things in this anime run.

The art direction is just stunning and detailed. From the first initial scene I knew this anime was a keeper in the art direction alone. It just screams quality as any anime should. It seems like with every passing season we get a new show that continues to improve and impress. However, Bakuno! Steals the art direction for now! We still have a slew of Spring titles to start watching so, we may have to pull our vote depending on what upcoming titles we see. Granted, Bakuno! Does an impressive job at keeping the viewer pleasantly surprised with its quality and style and emphasis on the feminine charms of female bikers. Characters are detailed and lively thanks in part to some amazing animations and slight use of CG. Granted the CG that has been used has been very tame so far but I am excited to see how well it is implemented. After watching Dimension W, I am expecting quite a bit from these newer anime in terms of how they use the CG aspects.

So far I am content with saying that I am enjoying the anime so far. Granted it is always hard to judge an anime in full with just one episode but I feel that most anime can give you a general impression with just the first episode run. We are watching Bakuon! Via Crunchyroll! If you have seen this anime, what do you think? If you have not yet watched the anime, what are you looking forward to about this title? Leave us a comment down below!

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6 thoughts on “First Impression: Bakuon!

  1. I’m glad I read this. I wasn’t sure if I should watch this or not.

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    1. I’m happy you chose to read it! ^#^ in which route did it push you?

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      1. I’m going to watch it on crunchy roll. I have a subscription with them yay

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      2. Well awesome! ^w^ I hope you enjoy it!

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