Anime Review: Konosuba

Fantasy fan service meets sword art online meets is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon?! That sums up my experience with, Konosuba, the fantastic and sadly, short anime that was released this past Winter period. While I was late to the party, joined the day the last episode aired, I was pleasantly surprised by what I was walking into. The anime follows a shut in NEET by the name of Kazuma Satou who finds himself dead after a horrific run in with a slow moving tractor. Least to say, his death left everyone hysterically laughing at him, even the goddess Aqua who was there to help send him off to his life in heaven. That was until she offered him a chance at life in a new parallel world that was under the torment of an evil Devil King. Having felt scorned by her pompous attitude and remarks, Kazuma chooses to bring her along with him into this world and much to her protests she is sent along with him. Thus begins their lives as adventurers in a land that plays like an MMORPG.

The anime has little going in the story department and more so in the random shenanigans and happenings that our adventures have to face. We are given the slew of quest episodes, as well as episodes where they seek out new party members, Darkness and Megumin. They all then begin the quest to better themselves and to help the world rid itself of the evil and oppressive, Devil King. While on their quest they befriend, plus indebt, themselves to several characters of the local city they inhabit. Quest money is used to pay off Aqua’s many loans and what little is left is spent on lavish feasts! They also tend to cause more unintentional harm than good. Such as helping to defend the town but flooding it at the same time… Ultimately we end the anime off on a high note of adventure and fun. Having defeated a spider like construct from the movie, Wild Wild West, they end with the realization that they love this broken, game-like world that they have grown accustomed to and Kazuma feeling at home in a world that he can relate to finally. Except for the fact that while trying to save a town from the giant spider like construct he did end up destroying a rich man’s estate with an unstable core of magical stuff. That’s just an everyday thing for Kazuma though!

Priorities. Got to learn how to use the Snatch spell somehow.

Now this anime does have the fan-service, from panty snatching to masochist crusaders. This anime has it all, well not quite. While it is perverse with the overuse of references, i.e. Megumin wanting to ‘blow’ off her staff’s power or to Darkness’s wanting to be forcefully brought to her knees in submission, the anime pulls it all off in a rather humorous way. While I am slowly warming up to titles that use fan-service as a way of just giving the anime humor, it still takes a while to warm up to the idea. Especially when you live with others and you can’t exactly watch an anime at certain moments because of it. While I may not live with judgemental individuals there is still the self-conscious bit in the back of my mind still worried about images. Aside from the fan-service the humor is on par with just about any other comedy based, fantasy title. The jokes are spot on and the exaggerated expressions are unlike anything else we have seen yet, except maybe for, Space Patrol Luluco… That one might win. Trigger Studio bias aside, Konosuba, while short lived, gives us a dashing of story with a heap of random and fun.

The animation quality is awesome yet it also feels derpy. I say this because sometimes the animation of the characters feels goopy. Like the detail was lost in the processed and finalized cuts. Now this art style could just be in the direction of the Manga or it was seriously rushed. I would like and love to assume that an anime of this quality was just sticking to the original style that was found within the manga. Granted with an abnormally short, 10 episode run, one can assume that the anime may have had a rushed quality behind it. Aside from the nit-pickings of the quality it is a very vibrant and fluid anime. I have not seen so many smooth transitions and action scenes in my life. It just moves and gives off such a lovely impression that I cannot help but fall in love with it. Especially when we get to look at the opening. Now, I am no animation expert but this anime seems to follow smooth framerate and I really do wish that more and more titles followed this sort of smooth and streamlined process. Granted, almost all anime plays at a smooth frame rate since it is drawn frame by frame. However when actions are rushed and if one frame is off then, you lose that smoothness. Granted as I was talking about a rushed product earlier, it is hard to justify that after you take a look at all the action and big explosions that happen in this anime and how smooth it all plays out.

Now as far as qualities are concerned, this anime has a lot of them and I believe lovable and fun are two qualities I would label this anime with. The characters, while quirky and definitely odd, are amazingly well thought out and while we only get to spend ten episodes with them, it is enough to fall in love with them all. Megumin quickly became a fan favorite and the love obsessions of many otaku around the globe. I want to watch this anime again just to have a bit more fun with all of the characters in this anime. Actually now that I think about it… This is the first anime where I don’t hate a single character. This is groundbreaking actually but not uncommon. Should you watch this anime solely for the characters? Depends on whether or not that is an important thing for you as you only have ten episodes to work on. Should you watch it for the gamer humor and the fan-service? Sure thing! The anime hits every little detail on the head, from their leveling up process to stealing panties with their pickpocket powers. Trust me, we all would attempt that if we had a snatch or steal power.

Konosuba can be enjoyed on Crunchyroll for your viewing pleasure! If you have seen the anime then what did you think about it? Is it a love or a hate? If you plan on seeing or it is on a list, tell us what you expect or expected to see from this title. We also do apologize to many of our viewers, we had to take a bit of a hiatus due to internet usage concerns and such. However that is past and we will be back as soon as we can with articles!

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3 thoughts on “Anime Review: Konosuba


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  2. I still need to write my review for this show. I have the outline already written up.

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  3. I actually enjoyed this anime. It did have some funny fanservice and I thought made the show funny. The characters are funny and I like Kazuma’s reactions to everyone. This show was fun and I am ready for season 2.

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