Hey guys! Crimson here 🙂

As you might have read in my introduction post, I’ve been meaning to pick up gaming for a while now and thought OGZ was the right place to post my thoughts, but before I do I thought talking about my gaming experience would be a good idea. A type of disclaimer really, so we all know what to expect on my future first impressions and game reviews!

Now then, I’ve been playing video games since I was a kid, possibly around the age of 10. At the time I played a lot of Sega and PlayStation games. The sega games were these really bulky casette-like things that would stand on top of the sega console. The titles escape me at this point, since it’s been years and one of the systems wasn’t even mine, but I remember things like Tetris and a little man made up of green balls. My mom and I just loved to play these, however, as I grew up I stopped playing altogether.

Around my mid-high school days I started playing again, this time getting an Xbox 360 for Christmas. The main reason I started actively gaming wasn’t because I suddenly got the urge to spend hours upon hours in front of a TV screen, but because my (at the time) boyfriend was a big gaming nerd.

Whenever I’d go to his house, we’d spend the day just playing and talking. I was introduced to a lot of games like Assassin’s Creed, Dead Space, Elder Scrolls, Call of Duty, Resident Evil, Left 4 Dead, and many more. As I played more frequently, I found that I was starting to obsess over some games. My favorites at the time were Oblivion and Fable and even at home (weekends), I’d wake up and start playing immediately. I’d spend the whole day in front of my tiny TV and then end up with a headache the next day.

It was during this time that I learned that I absolutely sucked at anything shooting related. For example, I was usually dying within the first five minutes of the game (I’m being generous here), my aim was terrible and by the time I’d locked on my target I was either exposed or they’d moved, and I’d accidentally hit my allies, which they didn’t really appreciate. When I panicked I would frequently push all the buttons on the controller in hopes that something would work and when I was lucky, something would. I also learned I was really bad at coordination, which wasn’t too surprising considering how bad my real life coordination was and still is. I mean, I can’t even walk straight without looking at the ground.

All of this was probably why I preferred melee weapons and stayed away from shooting games. In the end, I favored open world games, as I’ve heard they’re called. Games like Elder Scrolls and Fable, where there’s a set goal but that I can deviate from and do side quests for.

Unfortunately, I stopped playing soon after high school. I started getting busy with college and working so I had less time for gaming. Even now my TV and Xbox lay in my closet, hardly touched. I did pick it up again for Skyrim since I really love Oblivion but I only played a few days then dropped it because life happened. Maybe I should go back and check up on my kids…I mean, it’s been a few months now…Hopefully they weren’t attacked by a Giant (or Troll or whatever that thing was) again!

Ultimately, what I’m trying to say is that I suck at playing games and that my first impressions and reviews might lay on the mediocre side for a while. I don’t know any terms, the types of games that are out there, and all I do is play for fun. Unless it’s a game I really want to play, I hardly ever follow what’s popular so the titles I post about will be random and “old”. I also have this strange obsession with achievements so I’ll mention those at least once in my posts. Requests are completely fine because, who knows, maybe my brother has it somewhere and I can play it! Don’t expect me to be any good though, haha

I’m hoping that with time, feedback, and research (a.k.a. checking other people’s gaming reviews) I’ll get better! Definitely recommend me some sites, be it yours or a fellow bloggers. Also, the games I’ll be reviewing will be mainly played on one of the following platforms (I’ll say which on the post): Gaming Computer, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or Nintendo DS.




My greatest gaming achievement was unlocking all of the Oblivion achievements. I would like to do the same for Skyrim once I pick it up again!



  1. Years ago, the nearby Dillard’s had a Sega Genesis plugged into one of the TVs. Every time I went there, I had to play a bit of Sonic. /Random fact

    I’m also terrible at shooters…and fighting games. My strategy: PRESS ALL DA BUTTONZZZ!!!

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