Discussion Point: My opinion is best

It’s an age old classic concept and it plays out a bit like this, “My opinion of said anime and character is right and look at all the people that agree with my opinion.” Now this is something that is frankly, unavoidable. We all do it whether we want to admit to doing it or not; whether it is intentional or unintentional. When doing this we often feel we are in the right and they are in the wrong, especially when we feel we are credible to an extent. Much like I stated in a prior discussion point, we ourselves are contributing to the ever increasing toxicity in the anime community and frankly it won’t slow or stop. Why is it that we feel the need to vindicate or to vehemently defend the sanctity of our opinion concerning anime? I mean, they are shows that come and go. However they are shows that stick with us. They can be personal and emotionally invoking. That is why we will form a strong opinion around them and this is why we will stick strongly to our guns and push our opinion.

Now does this necessarily mean that said person is stuck up? No. They are just passionate for what they love and they want to try their best to help defend the pure name of that anime they really love and enjoy. I mean there is frankly nothing wrong with the concept whatsoever, it is just the way that we go about pushing our opinion that causes grief and ruffled feathers. I mean if I said, “Well in my opinion, KLK is not all fan-service it has some story to back it all up but I respect your view.” Or “KLK is a fantastic anime, in my opinion, but it may just be good for others.” Versus, “Good? KLK is FANTASTIC not just good. It’s a Perfect anime hands down.” What seems more gruff? What seems more wrong? Well, frankly it’s hard to say when it comes from someone who loves the particular anime used in the discussion. To us, any thing that questions whether and anime is fun to watch or if someone just calls it ‘good’ can be taken as an affront to our favorite anime. Other times, depending on wording, we could take it as a non-aggressive attack. When I say an anime is good, bad-good or weird-good, it means it is an anime that I enjoy or liked. Not as much as other anime but I still liked it. When someone else sees that and they happen to love said title, they take offense and throw in their two cents about it. I in no way commented negatively or poorly from my perspective but to others, I made a grievous insult towards an anime they loved. Granted it shows dedication but at the same time it can also feel as if you are being insulted for voicing a valid opinion. Then again, I have always been at odds with the anime community when it comes to fandom vs fandom. Though that is an entirely different discussion.


Irregardless though, we always raise an ear when our favorite anime or favorite game is involved. Even if the conversation doesn’t particularly concern the questioned item. We jump to the defense of what we love because we feel the obligation to show that we care about the general opinion of said title. That is what I believe we consider, being a passionate fan. After all, it is our undying love, devotion and support of series that gives us direction in life sometimes. Passionate fans have gone off to make great sites, games or discussion based communities. There is good in being supportive and dedicated to your opinion of an anime. Just remember though that your opinion could also come off as too stiff or rude to other fans out there. Sadly though there is never a way to avoid this situation and the best we can simply do is to shake at the end of the conversation and carry on with our lives and our love of anime.

While a shorter discussion point, we are still curious to know your opinions) on this topic! Do you feel offended when your small comment gets taken the wrong way or when you feel your favorite anime has been grievously assaulted? Feel free to leave us a comment down below! We always enjoy hearing what our followers have to say in these matters!

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6 thoughts on “Discussion Point: My opinion is best

  1. i admit, i’ve been one of the slightly more toxic fans before, insulting my friends’ favourite anime to hell and back (it was sword art online, okay? they deserved it 😉 ), and i’m really trying to lay off on being annoying in the future – although i’ll always be up for giving them my honest opinions on what they like. especially if they recommend something dreadful to me and waste my precious time making me watch it… 😛

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    1. That is the best way to go about looking at things. : )


  2. Both haters and absolute defenders are annoying. The best way to make your point is to provide evidence. Both facts and opinions should be supported.

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    1. Well I sort of need it on as I don’t have data for my phone what so ever. I have everything set to not update.


    2. Indeed! Well said! Or typed.

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  3. Ahaha. This is unavoidable, indeed. I have received some flack on some of my posts, especially on ones that I have some strong opinions on and go against the common side. For example, I wrote why I find anime fans who diss fillers annoying and unsurprisingly, many disagree with me. But that’s just part of being an anime fan and a blogger. Besides I don’t want to pretend to agree with every mainstream thing in the anime fandom. I stand by my own opinions, but I don’t force it on others. However, if someone is being a total a-hole to me, I’ll usually fight back. Like heck I’ll let toxic douchebags say whatever they want to say to me. Anyway, good post.

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