Alright here is our very first update for our very first game. If you did not see our previous announcement post, then please feel free to jump to our previous article by clicking me! Did you click me? Good! Now we can continue on into the world that will be a frustration to come! Game design is something no one should ever take lightly or for granted. Having took a class on basic 2D design, concerning the implementation of 2D sprites on a background and having them interact, I can say that I have a healthy respect for what game makers are capable of and what they have to go through to bring us the games that we play. With that being said, I am venturing into a whole area of interest blind and afraid. I have never attempted something of this nature and it is quite scary. That is why I made a proof of concept and a very small test game. Took me about 3.5 days just to get THREE Maps done and scripted…. THREE POINT FIVE DAYS! Put this is why we make things like proof of concepts. We get introduced to systems and how they interact with the game itself. I can safely say i have also watched my share of videos in that period of time too.

Our proof of concept was based purely on a D&D session, well not quite based on one but close enough, and is actually available for you all to dabble with! Please remember this has nothing to do with the game we will be working on. This will merely serve as a section for proper testing of items, enemies and concepts. Enjoy! Click here to enjoy the demo!

Active shot of the first map and of the actual program. It’s really straight forward and easy to use! It also supports Javascript so it can potentially be pretty powerful!

Now onto the fun part! So we do have a working title for our game and I am proud to say that it is called, “夕暮れの花 (Yugure no hana)” or in English, “Flower of Dusk” This is a title that will frankly be the most personal, intimate thing I have ever worked on and put much of my own experiences, concerns, desires and aspirations into. I may be going head first into this game with absolutely no experience but, It’s what I love doing. I am having so much fun and it is pushing me to be so creative that I cannot help but feel excited to see this all through. I can say that the game will focus on a female lead by the name of, Hana (Flower), as she struggles to cope with abuse and a life that she is trying to make better by finally confronting her fears. It’s going to be an emotionally involved game and while I have not had time to think out the story in full, I hope it is enough to get some people to cry or maybe think about things. We are also posting an image we shared on Twitter of our main heroine!

What can I say… Girls with Pink hair rock.

If you all have any further questions we would be more than happy to answer them down in the comment section below! We look forward to bringing you more updates as we release them! Until the next one my amazing followers! Please note that our demo features assest used within RPG Maker MV. If you would like to make your own game then feel free to head on over to their website and look into purchasing it!

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