So, I was talking about a big and exciting project on Twitter and I am pleased to say that I am working on a game! While I do not expect this to be fantastic by any means, it has been something I have been dabbling with since 2014. I am using the always amazing program, RPG Maker MV. I was using VX Ace but I bought this a while back when it was on sale but just never gave it any thought. That was until I decided I needed to spice my website up! Jokes aside, gaming has always been a feverish passion in my life, all the way back to my Sega Genesis. Oh those where the greatest of times. So, I wanted to bring the passion I had for gaming into a project that I could share with my fans and fellow gamers.

Granted, I will try my darnedest to do my very best but being my first ever game there will be a bunch of junk going on with it. I am not a programmer, which is why I am using RPG Maker but, it allows me to experiment in a way that won’t risk destroying the engine or ruining an expensive program. Granted I am sure that there is no way this could happen since many programs have fail-safes. I digress but expect to get some updates on a weekly to bi-weekly basis on how we are doing and what we are doing with the actual game. While a shorter post I did want to get this out there! I am so excited that I can hardly contain myself. Detail wise it will play like the older Final Fantasy games but with some modern elements thrown into the system.

If you have some questions about our project or have some tips, feel free to give us some love down below or on our Twitter page! We look forward to showing off the characters as we develop them! If you also want to look into making your own game, give RPG Maker MV a look! You won’t regret it!

RPG Maker MV:

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