Hitman: The One-Quarter Review

Welcome back, Agent 47. We have been expecting you for sometime, however… we only managed to develop one area of operations for you, so you will have to ‘kill’ sometime there. Welcome back to the glamourous world of Hitman my fellow viewers! While I may not be a die-hard fan of the series, I do very much love the gameplay. Having had little exposure to both, Blood Money & Absolution, I came into this game expecting quite a bit. What I was not expecting was a wall. A wall that is so frustrating I feel sick almost talking about it. I am talking about an episodic wall… for a AAA title game. This is not going to be a review that will be lengthy, we will review this title again and again, per episode that is released. Now to start us off we will state this, Hitman Blood Money is back. While not called Blood Money, the new Hitman title plays out just like Blood Money, except we get to keep a lot of the awesome features of Absolution. Some of the features that carry over are the always hilarious custom contracts that users can make to challenge the community and or close friends. While this game is an ode to both, Blood Money, makes a strong comeback here and is in perfect form. Do understand that this game is in no way a Blood Money reboot. It is it’s own flesh and blood title.


The mechanics work amazing and all of the small little tweaks from Absolution are carried over and you get a game that is pretty much bug and issue free. The controls are solid and the game responds beautiful to every input. The graphics have seen a massive facelift since the last entry and it makes for one amazing gameplay experience. With this powerful engine and gorgeous graphics, characters are more detailed than ever and the environment just absolute eye candy. The powerful engine also brings us to much larger environments and a ton more characters to populate the on-screen environment. While it may only be located in an obscure training facility and a Paris location, the game still manages to scream beauty around every nook and cranny. Even the training simulations you take part in, while mock-ups are still beautifully detailed in this new game engine that will surely turn some heads.

Now this title does have one particularly annoying thorn. That is indeed the fact that it is not a finished game. Don’t get me wrong, the levels we have access to are complete and finished in every way imaginable. Just it does not have the other levels… This to me is a tad annoying, especially coming from a AAA title game. Now don’t take this as I hate episodic games. I just have a different impression for my AAA title games. I am not entirely used to this system versus something that was built for them. Now granted, this is a push from Square Enix. As they are a publisher for this title and the fact that Final Fantasy will also be episodic is a bit of an obvious giveaway where this decision possibly came from. However, a game of this caliber will be well recieved thanks to its episodic release. Why? Quality. Because the developer is able to release levels and missions on a later date, we are able to get a game that is much more solid and bug free. Like games should be. It gives us a much more polished product and while the wait may be killer, it is a much more finished product than we may have previously received. It just takes a while for them to come out.

Story? Well, we sort of get a back story and more development of Agent 47 through this title but what else we may get remains a clothed mystery. I do hope to see some more backstory back into the light of day for our dear old friend Agent 47. However I do not expect much to come from this title but due to the fact that we will have self contained episode releases we could see the potential for a much more explored back story for our main character. Now is this game worth paying either the 15USD or the 60USD? Well, it depends on how much you are interested or how much you actually enjoy the Hitman series. I opted for the 60USD version due to the fact that I love the series and it will entitle me to the all the release episodes, aside from ones that are DLC specific. While the 15USD version is great for players who may have not had much experience with the series and only want a taste of what the actual game and series has to offer them. As for those of you who may already own the title, what did you think about the game? Are you a fan of the episodic release style? Feel free to leave a comment down below and also catch us on our Twitter page!


As the game stands we would strongly urge anyone interested in the series to look into purchasing. We will keep you all up to date on the episodes as they all release! Please bear in mind there will not be a Physical Game release until sometime next year. The game will be a digital only title until 2017.

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