First Impression: Osomatsu-San

I don’t even know where to begin with this anime. Osomatsu-san is just pure comedic gold and a revival from the original anime run’s in the late ‘60’s and ‘80’s. This rebooted series now follows the sextuplets, Osomatsu, Karamatsu, Choromatsu, Ichimatsu, Jyushimatsu & Todomatsu Matsuno through their NEET, adult lives in their modern day residence. Many of the original anime’s characters, such as Iyami and Hatabou, return in different roles or remain unchanged all together. While still retaining a style similar to that of the original anime runs, Osomatsu-San is drastically different in theme. While taking place only 10 years after the original, Osomatsu-Kun, it is set in a modern setting and follows the ‘daily’ lives of the sextuplets and the individual characters around them. Carrying in random fashion, each episode is roughly split into two main parts and will feature smaller skits. This anime has episode runs that remind me vaguely or how Nichijou plays out, at least in terms of the episode quantities of random mischief.

As far as a base line plot goes there is really a lack thereof. As the anime just simply follows the Sextuplets on a day by day basis, as well as an individual basis. Sometimes the episodes can be out of this world with adult humor and at other times it can be sweet and memorable. That is the golden part that I love about this anime. It takes public opinion and then proceeds to dry themselves off with that towel. Osomatsu-San’s humor is… outlandish a lot of the time. Take the quiz show at the end of episode two where one of the sextuplets quizzes the other on, “Who’s Dick is This?” Granted the over the top humor might be a bit much for the average viewer but for any season Gintama veteran, this anime is just the anime for them. Heck the Director of this anime, Yoichi Fujita, was the director for Gintama during the 2011-2012 period.

Now, the art-style is very old and odd looking and that is done on purpose. After all this is an anime based on an older one. So, in keeping with the original style you can bring back in a lot of the original fans that enjoyed the other two series. However I feel it also helps the anime, a lot. It is so unique and so outlandish that, many anime fans now have yet to really see or enjoy an older art-style such as this one. It adds to the overall gritty humor and charm that the anime is able to channel and it suits it so well that when the staff do skits in a modern art-style, you cannot help but cringe and scream, “WHO ARE THESE MONSTERS?!” Maybe not like that but you get the general picture. As far as voice acting goes, this anime has a massive list and a massive pool of voice talent for all the characters plus the sextuplets in general. Every single one, while sextuplets share a living personality brought to life by their respective voice actors. While many of the voices are familiar voices, like Hiroshi Kamiya, they are still pleasant voices to listen to and heck, they may even be the reason why you start watching this show.

I can relate to Karamatsu on many levels.

Now what where my initial impressions? Well, I love it. I am watching about an episode, if not two every night now and I cannot get enough of it! It is so intoxicating with how amazing it is that I cannot help but laugh along or feel sorry for the sextuplets. This all has to do with the witty and dirty humor that permeates the anime itself. Granted as stated above, this anime will not be for everyone and I have had a few people turn away from this anime just by the Dick Quiz on episode 2 alone. Granted I have had an exposure to this type of humor before thanks to Gintama but even so, it still takes a bit of time to get used to and is definitely not an anime to watch with the kids. However if you feel up to it, you can catch Osomatsu-San on Crunchyroll!

If you have seen or plan to watch the anime, what do you think about it? Is it funny? Does it tickle a spot in your anime library? Feel free to leave us a comment down below or on our official Twitter page. We love to talk to everyone and we appreciate the support we have been receiving this month!

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6 thoughts on “First Impression: Osomatsu-San

  1. Been wanting to watch this. Some of my favourite seiyuu voice in this show. And my Twitter timeline is always bombarded with Osomatsu-san tweets. I was waiting for it to be completed. It sounds hilarious.

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    1. I was thinking about waiting too but… Seeing as I tend to stop watching most anime midway through, I didn’t want to wait on this when Spring 2016 came along. XD but it is definitely worth a look!

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      1. I see. I’m going to wait it out for a little while. It makes it more exciting for me. Most of the reviews I’ve been reading about this anime are positive. Yours included.


  2. When this anime first released, I thought it looked familiar. I think it was airing in one of the channels I used to watch when I was younger. I haven’t watched it yet, but I really want to!

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    1. Yeah it’s a good oldie! 🙂

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  3. Can’t wait to watch it!


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