First Impressions: Konosuba

I am not the biggest fan when it comes to fantasy inspired anime. I grew up watching these sort of titles and frankly I have been rather burnt out of them all. Konosuba is, while still maintaining a fantasy feel, more of an over the top J-RPG. While the fan-service is definitely there it is deployed in a way that is still not in your face about it. Granted when it comes to titles that chuck fan-service I have seen my fair share of them…. Super Sonico comes to mind. Konosuba instead gives us a character that may be relatable. Except for the being dead and sent to an alternate world part. You see, our main hero, Kazuma Satou, died of shock after being hit by a slow moving tractor and was sent to be given a choice in what happens to his soul. In this bleak void he meets the goddess, Aqua, who offers to send him to an alternate realm to help defeat the terrible Devil King that terrorizes the alternate world. Offering him many choices in terms of weapons, powers and abilities. Kazuma instead chooses to take her with him. Thus we begin a rather comical series of events on their path to defeating the evil Devil King.

The anime’s humor is top notch, the first and second episodes literally had me gasping for air at certain parts and that is no stretch, most of my apartment roommates had a hard time not keeping their laughter down. The humor is sultry but it is also normal when the moment calls for it. Seeing an evil Dullahan stutter as a masochist totally turns their epic moment around and into a bizarre and terrifying sexual fantasy is down right hilarious.You can’t have moments like these anywhere else. Maybe you can and I just do not know about them but, this anime does that for me! Aside from the humor the anime’s story seems to be really well paced. While the day to day tasks are kept to a minimum they keep you in on the loop fairly well. Then again I am just only 4 episodes in on the anime so the rest remains a mystery.

No anime is complete without the ability to steal panties.

In terms of the animations art direction and style, it is definitely a beautiful anime that has a great color pallet and the animation is top notch! It does tend to look a bit derpy and rushed in certain frames. Granted it could just be the overall art style, which in itself could be trying to keep with the original light novel and manga release style. In any event, the art is a fantastic addition and the backgrounds are phenomenal. It is quite appealing to see a well drawn anime out in the wild like this. Granted the characters are detailed and brought to life so well with their often over the top animations. The voice work is another great addition with all of the Japanese voice actors/actresses bringing a vibrancy to this humorous anime. It is always nice to find an anime that can make you laugh while keeping you from cringing with how cheesy the dialogue can be. Granted the anime that we see coming out lately is on top of the game in the dialogue department.

We got into the Konosuba game rather late and I fret over not picking this title up sooner. I thought it was going to be just another cheesy fantasy anime and instead I am greeted by this amazing one! While sultry humor reigns supreme here and the characters all have special moments/fetishes, they help to give this otherwise bland fantasy anime a bit more enjoyable life to its run. The anime did finish airing this past March 16th and we hope to be able to bring you our review of the anime once we catch up to the rest! Konosuba may be enjoyed on Crunchyroll! If you have seen the anime, feel free to let us know your thoughts on the anime itself and if you are like us and have yet to pick it up then feel free to let us know if you are interested in watching it.

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3 thoughts on “First Impressions: Konosuba

  1. This sounds like a laugh will have to def check out !!!!

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  2. After watching this anime, I haven’t seen anything funny for a while. I really like the art and the music is something to put on repeat. Kazuma is quite a funny guy for being someone as serious compared to his friends.

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