Our Ode to Omakase

Reported first on Anime News Network and then followed up by official confirmation via their official Viewster blog, Omakase is coming to an abrupt end. This was announced to the world official by Viewster today and I have to say, I am taking this a bit hard. No, Omakase wasn’t my waifu (Or maybe it was?!) nor is it my soul mate. What it was, was a product that I could tell my friends about with the utmost confidence. The confidence to tell them about this highly professional and carefully catered boxed subscription service. The items inside were pulled straight from the anime world and brought right into our living rooms. There was thought and love that went into each item from this box and it let us all  know they meant business. After all, Omakase was founded by fans of anime who wanted to give the box world a crate that was full of care and love.

A little box with a whole lot of love.

Granted nothing is ever perfect and there are complaints that many have about Omakase. This article isn’t here to harp on these issues. We want to relish in the excitement that we felt when we got our first look at this program. I wasn’t looking for this program, rather I was looking for K-On!!! Instead, I discovered a boxed subscription program that I could get behind. Anyone can vouch for me when I do find a product that I love. I will go crazy on preaching it to the masses. It is just how I feel about products that I can proudly get behind. I mean, Omakase means more to me than I think it originally did. After all, they gave OGZ it’s first chance to be a company brand ambassador. I felt like I was being pranked almost when I asked about a referral program and then instead found out that I was added on as an ambassador! I never expected such a small website like OGZ to have ever gotten that chance. “But wait! Kausus, you are an affiliate for J-List and Play-Asia!” To which I would say, I am. Because all I did was follow their sign-up links. It was a guaranteed acceptance from both those websites. Nothing to special about something you can get into with little effort.

Was Omakase guaranteed? Maybe, I would like to think that I was given a chance that a few individuals received. I will forever be grateful to the folks behind their affiliate program and this will always be a lasting memory for me. The three boxes they will have released in total are going to be trophies that I will forever cherish and love. They gave me the chance to own the Kill la Kill manga in a hardcover gold foil exclusive. They also allowed me to take Senketsu with me wherever I went! Again, every item was made so lovingly that it will be hard to find a service that can match the quality of Omakase. If I also had to describe the experience of unboxing an Omakase crate… Love or just simply, an experience. It was unlike anything else and I sadly feel that there won’t be anything else quite like it. Each box had a special feeling to it and it was a total blast and joy to unbox all of them! Granted we aren’t the best at unboxing things nor are we very camera suave but here are our first two unboxings.

While I am deeply sad that Omakase is shutting doors, I do wish to stress that we will continue to be a proud supporter of Omakase. While we do not know if anyone that subscribe now will be guaranteed a box for the upcoming Hatsune Miku Omakase box we will still be keeping our dedicated, Subscribe to Omakase, page up and running until March 23rd, 2016. Our Twitter page will also continue to host our Ambassador link as well as banner promotions for Omakase. If they have to go out, let’s all send them out with one last hurrah and of fond memories for one amazing program. Thank you Rob Pereyda, the whole Omakase team and Viewster for allowing Otaku Gamer Zone to be apart of this amazing adventure! We hope to see what lies in the future. Thanks for reading.

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Omakase’s Official Site: http://mbsy.co/cZdnH


8 thoughts on “Our Ode to Omakase

  1. Sorry for being late, after quickly reading this, this is sad news. Even though I still haven’t use it, it makes me mad to see that a company that offers exclusive content will just end abruptly. I don’t understand why they would do it? I didn’t hear any complaints.

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    1. I didn’t either but they officially said that it was a numbers issue, they were not catching up to the forecasted projections but I have a slight feeling other motives were involved… Purely based on the ani-Twitter community however.

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      1. I see. The ani-Twitter community? That doesn’t sound good. I guess with the numbers, they were not able to sell a lot based on their expectations.

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      2. Ani-Twitter meaning Anime-Twitter. Yeah…

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      3. I see. That doesn’t sound. I am assuming they had a helping to this.

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      4. I think you are taking this another way XD As in the other side of the coin, as in just numbers not being a factor, that those who were partnered with Omakase have been talking about stuff differently.

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      5. Oh okay. I guess the companies have something different in mind.

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