Naka-Kon 2016 Lessons Learned and Regrets

We all have those regrets; from the last bite of pizza, down to the money spent on a broken item. We also learn a lesson or two from these regrets. These lessons often leave us wondering what we could have done differently. Maybe not eating an extra slice of pizza is one of them… We all want to have the best experience that we can possibly have. I wanted to have a grand experience as a member of the media when covering Naka-Kon 2016. Sadly, I had many regrets. For one, I hardly took advantage of my media badge. While It was an honorable experience, I felt like I didn’t deserve to walk about the halls of the convention with it. Granted it did allow me to get closer to many of the guests and such but it still was not used for much of anything else. With these regret of not properly using the badge comes the thought, “How could I have used this better?” For one, I could have attended a lot more panels than i had originally intended on. I did however have certain limitations as I was with quite a large group and that left little time to do much. On the other hand, seeing as I had a larger group I could have easily divided up the grunt work and covered a wider range of panels. It is often easy to look at your mistakes from a distance than during the moment of.

The only picture of Sakevisual I could grab. I could have tried harder…

One thing that I really wish I tried was to ask for a, one on one, interview with a voice actor/actress. So much of my fiber wants to go back in time and slap past me. I could have easily of asked Erica Mendez for a brief interview. Granted it is not a guaranteed deal but it is at least a bargaining chip that I had by holding a media pass. It would have been such an honor and awesome highlight. Granted in my defense, I am not the most outspoken individuals on the planet and I would have been deathly nervous. Fellow Ani-writer, Crimson, had first hand experience in how odd I can be when talking in person. It just may have been a terrible interview just waiting to happen however I like to bear in mind this quote, “Nothing ventured. Nothing gained.” This is a phrase that has been used in countless video games, anime, shows, movies, etc… It means a great deal to me know that I run a site. If you do not take the steps to position yourself or to push yourself, you won’t gain anything from the experience. Again, easy to look at the past from a perspective in the future. Still, this is an experience that I can learn from and adapt in the near future. I want to push myself to do greater things with a media badge, I need to brave a dark frontier that I know little of. It is almost exhilarating to understand that I had a privileged power that not many attendees got. This does present us with a chance to plan out what we wish to do next year and in a fashion that will push us to raise the bar even higher.

I am immensely happy to have gotten my very first media badge. It is like a dream that was always far off in the distance. Now, no longer a dream it became an awesome reality that I could only have wished in earlier years for. This only opens a door to a longer hallway full of unlocked potential. The lessons learned in our first convention coverage will be lessons that get carried down to other ones. I know now that I should focus on providing as comprehensive coverage as I can. I should be out there, in the muck of it all trying to get the best scoop or angle. I did however get great front row seats during several panels that I had attended. That still doesn’t give me a reason to slack. Improvement is the best for any blog website or vlogger and the versatility that is born from it can be a useful tool to anyone. Naka-Kon was a slap in the face in terms of the lessons that I had to learn and I am happy I am still standing after the ordeal and trying my best to push myself into a new direction. I want to take new lessons and regrets from future excursions into uncharted territory when concerning media coverage of conventions. Now this article was purely meant for me to convey my gripes about my own personal experiences with having a media badge and the sudden onset of guilt I feel for not properly giving it the use it deserves. Granted this was again, a first time experience. I have yet to even try to attempt other ventures with a press badge.

I am fairly certain many of you have burning questions about what it was like having a press pass and how the process going about getting one was like. I can say that Naka-Kon made it fairly simple apply for one, they simply just opened it up to creator types, i.e. bloggers, smaller websites and vloggers. As far as my experience goes, please refer to the above! If you would like to learn more about the process or what we personally enjoyed about it, leave us a comment down below! As always we love engaging with you all and would be more than happy to chat! As always, thank you for reading!

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7 thoughts on “Naka-Kon 2016 Lessons Learned and Regrets

  1. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I think we can both ring with this one. I wish I attended many more panels than I did, but like you said, it’s hard to do that somethings with such a large group. Hopefully next year I can correct the mistakes I made. I am glad that you had a decent time, though! Let’s both expand our horizons next time and try new things!

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    1. Indeed! Thank you again for meeting up with us weirdos! ^w^v

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      1. For like the two minutes we had XD

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  2. I have regrets at conventions I’ve gone to where the last one I ever went to. I went on my own i was scared would have noone to hang out with but I managed to meet some new people but it wasn’t all that amazing they never contacted me after that. I haven’t been to a con in over a year now still feels weird as I was so use it before and never got to some things I wanted to do.

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    1. Yeah, we never want to do things alone when we are at conventions but yeah… That stinks and too bad Crimson and I cannot fly out to attend one with ya! 😀


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