OGZ Hiatus & Thank You!

Hello everyone! First off I do need to apologize for the hiatus in posts and content. Due to us having to request the time off for our upcoming convention trip, I had to pick up a few shifts prior to my time off. It is something that is just a sad trade off and it often leaves you feeling completely tired after the ordeal. That being said, We are going to be reporting on Naka-Kon almost the entire time we are at the convention floor. We will be using Twitter heavily in the next coming days and we will be posting the information that we can gather from the convention floor, there first. As far as pushing posts to WordPress, I can only tell you that I will make an effort to utilize the mobile version as best as I possibly can. It lacks in a lot of the standard functions that I am very much used to however, I do hope that it allows me to post what i would like to post.

I will be filming in a vlog format for most of the convention so please, do not expect to see grand, HD footage. I will record what I possibly can with the rear facing camera but it will mainly be of events and or just over all views from the con. I do also hope to feature a ton of Cosplays on our website and I will do my very best to try and credit the individuals featured when I can! Granted I will not be the only website there nor the most popular option. I will do my best to give OGZ a big enough presence! After all, I am only one person with a shirt! I will also be recording videos before and after the convention. You have no idea how insanely giddy I am at this moment and how also nervous I am. This is after all the very first convention I have attended as a member of the Press and I feel immense satisfaction and sense of achievement, from this event. It isn’t everyday that a small little site like ours here gets that sort of recognition.

Cry 001
I feel happy and equally emotional.

While something like this shouldn’t be emotional, I am a very emotional person. I feel proud of my site, I feel proud for sticking to it over the course of a year. It is only five days until my website turns one year old. I have been trying to work on something like this for five years. Nothing was ever able to get off the ground. This one did. This one got off the ground because of this convention. I owe my websites very existence to this wonderful convention. I am getting a bit emotional writing this all out and I do apologize for putting it into this post. This site wouldn’t be possible without the support and love that you all manage to throw our way everyday and every month. THANK YOU all so very much and I hope to see some of you at Naka-Kon tomorrow and through the weekend. It has been a super fun ride through this first year with OGZ and I hope that I can continue to provide excellent content and to help bring in other like minded individuals. Please excuse our absence from writing just a bit longer while we have fun at a convention that started all of this. Thank you for reading! We will be back in force hopefully Sunday afternoon or Monday!

Remember! We are also giving away an Omakase T-Shirt (Large) and one Omakase Lanyard! So, be sure to try and find us and let us know why you love Omakase!

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3 thoughts on “OGZ Hiatus & Thank You!

  1. I am glad to hear you made it this far and I hope you continue doing this. God bless you and don’t worry, we will do our part and help your blog 🙂

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  2. You should be proud, it’s a wonderful blog! Also, I hope to see you there, muahaha!

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    1. Well, we are leaving now! So, look for a blue t shirt with black jacket that has either Omakase or otaku gamer zone on it.

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