Our Tentative Naka-Kon 2016 Schedule!

Alright so I have been pretty busy since our last article and I have been even more busy now that the official Naka-Kon 2016 schedule has been posted! While the spread of panels this year is surprisingly sparse, they will still add for a ton of fun! Sad part is that Crunchyroll is nowhere to be seen! However we do have Funimation here in place of them and they will also be leading an industry panel! I am really excited on being able to attend this specific panel! Now bear in mind a good schedule will always encounter unexpected hiccups along the way. We know this to be a simple fact and we also know that this will be something to work around. So, let us dive right into the pictures!

The highlighted items are panels I ‘Plan’ on attending.
Again, highlighted means I ‘plan’ on attending.

Now granted these are all well and good plans. I am traveling with a larger group and while I will be trying my best to attend each and every panel I really want to see myself in more than what I have highlighted. Issue with the current plan structure is that I am not taking into account lunch or spending time in the Vendor Hall. I can spend about two hours on just half the vendor hall alone, looking meticulously at each and every item that the vendors have out for sale. I also will be spending a bit of time with our fellow editor and UnimeTV contributor, Crimson, in helping to cover the convention. We both plan on appearing in videos so, hopefully everything pans out!

Do you have any questions or recommendations on what you all wish to see us do at the con? Feel free to leave a comment down below! We always enjoy conversing and talking!

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