Let’s Talk Gaming: -Star Wars-

2015 was a good year for Star Wars. With the release of The Force Awakens as well as a third installment in the Star Wars Battlefront series of games, the hype for a galaxy far far away has never been stronger. And with this hype I’ve decided to revisit a few of my favorite Star Wars games.

And cue the theme music.

Over the years there have been a huge number of Star Wars video games released with varying degrees of success. From role-playing games to first person shooters, the Star Wars universe is an ideal setting for video games. From the Knights of the Old Republic series to pod-racing and flying an X-Wing, these games have helped nerds to world over connect and learn more about the lore surrounding the Star Wars universe in ways that the movies could never have achieved.

Now there are a lot of Star Wars games. This franchise has been around for a long time, and a myriad of developers have put out a huge array of games catering to many different tastes. Most, if not all, can be found on Steam these days, but there are plenty of older games that may not have made their way on there. Some of the games I’m likely to mention in this article are probably already known by many of you, but it still stands to reason to mention them, at least in my opinion. You’ll see why in a second, but for now let’s get started.

First up is a classic Star Wars role-playing game experience. I’m of course referring to the fantastic series by Bioware, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. Knights of the Old Republic was developed by Bioware and published by LucasArts. It used a modified version of the Star Wars D20 Roleplaying Game, and allowed you to pick from three different classes, travel to a number of different worlds, and form parties with a number of different companions. The story and game play were stellar and the game won a number of award for its brilliance.


The sequel, The Sith Lords, was developed by Obsidian Entertainment. While slightly incomplete, it’s just as strong and expands fantastically on top of the first game in terms of story, lore, and gameplay. Both Knights of the Old Republic I and Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords will provide anyone looking for a solid RPG experience with a great RPG experience and hours of replayability.

Next on our list is a series of games known as the Jedi Knight series. Beginning with Star Wars Dark Forces, the games are a series of action shooters focusing on characters from after Star Wars Return of the Jedi, most notably Kyle Katarn and his companions and students. The first three games were developed by LucasArts, with the final two being developed by Ravensoft. The early games were reminiscent of early shooters like Quake and Doom, and the later two Jedi Knight games used the Quake 3 Team Arena engine and were most known for their awesome lightsaber combat.

Seriously the lightsaber combat was awesome.

There are even more Star Wars games that are just as good as those mentioned above and scratch itches besides just RPG and action shooter. You can usually find them on Steam or Good Old Games for a decent price, and it’s likely when the next Star Wars movie comes out later this year there will be a nice meaty sale where you can get games like Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds or Star Wars Jedi Starfighter at a nice discount.


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