OGZ Will Be Promoting Omakase at Naka-Kon 2016

Well, this is it! The big reveal that I have tweeting up until this point! Big thanks to Viewster North American’s PR Manager for sending this down to us! Thank you so much! Now, the video will be out a bit later than anticipated. We sadly have a data cap for our internet usage and split between four gamers, that gets eaten up pretty ravenously. Rather than push ourselves over our limit and fined I will try to settle for a later upload date of the video and of the actual article, depending on how I am feeling about it. That being said no matter when this goes out, the information in here will retain the same information that was already conveyed in the video that I recorded. So let us dive right into the pool of details!

We will be on the floor, at Naka-Kon, promoting Omakase! This is indeed and awesome moment for myself and it is something I did not believe that I would be doing at this years convention! Now I will be there all weekend. Sunday may just be a half day for us since my group will have a few individuals who are working the day after, however I plan on giving away the items I was given in question where, a T-Shirt and Lanyard! Now, how will I be giving these items out you ask? Well, while I do not have the details firmly cemented, I do know that I may either approach people and ask them about whether or not they have heard about Omakase and whether or not they may be interested in it! I may also send out tweets and for the individuals that can find me, they will get some of the items I brought! Of course who ever gets there first will have a choice of a LARGE Hanes Shirt with Omakase branding or the Lanyard!

Our Related Video!

Now bear in mind this giveaway will also be done with the express consent of Naka-Kon. If they do not wish for me to do this during the convention then I will refrain from doing so! I do have a bit of rule set though, I will not be giving these items away if I am in either a panel room or the Vendor Hall. I will be covering those panels and the Vendor hall for my website and I will need to have a lot of focused time. Now if the convention does not allow me to give these items away for whatever reason then I will have to give them away in a Twitter giveaway or YouTube. This is both exciting and quite exhilarating all at the same time! In other related news, we did also manage to grab a press pass for Naka-Kon! This is also our first press pass and I have to say I am completely stoked for all of this to be happening for our website!

Follow Omakase on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Viewster

Follow OGZ on Twitter: https://twitter.com/OGZ_Kausus


5 thoughts on “OGZ Will Be Promoting Omakase at Naka-Kon 2016

  1. Well, the hard work paid off big time! Congrats OGZ! And I wish I could be there. “sobs*

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Indeed! Well, you will be there in spirit! If ya got an iPhone Crimson and I could facetime you!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Owww man. I only have android T_T

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Really? Really? Like can we do Skype? Or something? Hahaha. But I bet you’d be real busy by then. 😦

        Liked by 1 person

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