Let’s Talk Gaming: Duck Game

Do you like guns? Action? Bloodthirsty ducks? If you answered yes to any one of these then you may or may not enjoy Adult Swim Games’ Duck Game. Now you may or may not have been aware that Adult Swim has been producing games on both the iOS and Android app stores as well as on Steam. If not then here’s a little history behind their history as game producers. In 2005 they partnered with Midway Games to develop a number of games based on Adult Swim shows. They’re most famous for games like Robot Unicorn Attack and Duck Game which are ludicrously nonsensical and outrageously fun.

In Duck Game you play as, surprise surprise, a duck. The game is a competitive 2d platformer wherein you play against your friends in a 4 player murder-fest. The game is set in what is described as “Futuristic 1984” in what I can only assume is some sort of televised blood sport event. Each level has a myriad of weapons to kill your opponents with, from swords, to hand grenades and mines, shotguns, and even giant death lasers. At first glance the game seems incredibly simple, but as you play you’ll find that it’s surprisingly complex in terms of how you can kill your opponents.

Totally a real duck and not at all an A.I.

You can also customize your duck with a wide variety of different hats, which range from kooky joke hats to video game and comic book characters and more. And to add to the already dizzying amount of carnage and hilarity the game has mod support through the Steam workshop where you can download maps, weapon and item mods, and of course even more hats.

You’d be surprised how quickly this will devolve into violence.

The most important and mechanically complex part of the game, however, is probably the dedicated quack button. The quack button allows you to express everything in the game, and if you’re using a controller or some kind of pad with a pressure sensitive button you can adjust the pitch of the quack. It’s the next generation of voice chat and truly an innovation in the medium.

Duck Game is available on Ouya, and Steam, and is slated for a Playstation 4 release. While it’s not perfect, and admittedly with the base maps and items can get repetitive, its diversity in game play and blatantly overdone sense of humor has a certain charm that’s hard to deny and makes for a fantastic party game with friends.


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