Let’s Talk Gaming: Arcadian Atlas

Games come and go but classics will always have a special place in ones heart. For myself that classic is Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. I loved this game growing up and I always thought it was cool to have a Final Fantasy title that was portable on the go. I mean I put so many hours into that things that I practically knew positions! Granted I was addicted because I loved the squad based, top down, strategy that this game had going for it. It was immersive and just so beautiful that I could hardly bring myself to stop playing it. When I did though, I was unable to quench that thirst. That is, until I recently stumbled, or rather they followed us, across Arcadian Atlas. This game hit me with a nostalgia stick, so hard, that all I could think about was, this was childhood all over again. Yes it looks slightly different and from what I can see of the mechanics, it is definitely a different experience. That being said, I felt excited for a game in this genre to be popping up after seeing this section dominated by two other titles.

While the game’s teaser was just released, I already have a feeling that this indie title will be one to watch out for! After all, this is a love labor for the company, Twin Otters. This company was founded by two siblings, Becca Bair and Taylor Bair. Both of whom love games immensely and have had prior experiencing in design and story composition. The following is a quoted excerpt from their official press release concerning their company…

Twin Otter Studios is an independent game developer started in 2015 by siblings Taylor & Becca Bair. After ranking in various game jams, creating their 5 hour indie RPG “Genesis” together & working professionally in the gaming industry as a writer & freelance artist (respectively), the brother/sister duo decided to make their work official with an LLC & logo.
Our goal is to craft lovingly handmade games with a fusion of modern elements & classic aesthetics that we ourselves would want to play. We have brought together some of the freshest & most innovative talent in the industry to bring you unforgettable gaming experiences. Learn more about the team here: http://arcadianatlas.blogspot.com/p/blog-page.html

The story of the game itself is loosely touched upon in the teaser but I have high hopes for this to be a rather interesting titles to play through. Arcadian Atlas is a bold attempt in marrying age tested ideas about isometric strategy games but with modern influences and while we will be seeing more about the actual games mechanics in further releases and videos, we can only speculate and assume that they will have a based influence off the more modern and current release titles. I for one hope that they can manage to match the charm of Tactics with the permadeath love that fills the Fire Emblem franchise. Granted I do have a bit of a prior biased opinion than most do on these sort of titles. I mean, i practically grew up on just playing this one type of game. I mean even the sprite animations and the look just all scream quality. At least from my own point of view. I love the simple charm of this game and how the mechanics seem to work, that I cannot help but become excited when this game enters a period where it may be bought into early or at the very least pre-ordered.

Combat seems to play out in a traditional sense. Example you select your character use a move, attack or ability and then let it play out. Pretty straight forward and simple. Now bring terrain and elevation into the mix and you get a titles that fits all the right niches that you would expect from a game that is aiming to grab you by your love for the isometric, top-down, combat you love so much. I mean, it is entirely so simple but it is that simplicity that I love so much and it is the thought and care that goes into the combat that makes this game look very special and warm. I love any title that can play out like Tactics can and I especially love titles that can bring their own look and feel to the age old system.


Now the art style is what made me feel nostalgic the most. I absolutely love the direction they are taking with this sort of feel and from the trailer, I could glimmer that this game may have some 3d space in which the players may interact within the world with different approaches with how they tackle any given map. If anything I am also curious to see what sort of map types we will have to play around with. They all seem based in a forest environment for the time being but that is never an issues. It would be cool to maybe see some different biomes in the upcoming releases! I am also pleased to see a pretty strong female cast! Granted these are small pixel people and while i may not have the best of vision, I was pleasantly surprised to see this diversity! It is rare to see this much in a game but indie titles have always been very inclusive titles to being with! I am curious though to see if any sort of character customization will come into play with this title release.

Granted I would love to see if we get some actual voiced dialogue out of the project as I feel it may add a bit of diversity. Let’s just hope it isn’t at all like the continuous grunting and ‘ah’-ing that we got in Fire Emblem: Awakening. While nice it did tire out after the first 30 minutes of actually hearing it. However, while I have not found the details of voice work, I do hope it is at least and are of interest that this game looks into. Even saying that I feel like mentioning that I love games that are silent and voiceless. It gives the player and immersion into the game and they can in essence breath some life into the characters to make the experience their own. While I feel it would add to the game, I also feel that it would take a bit away. We shall see what happens though!

How the game will shape out is still in the air and there is still a bit of time to go before it becomes a title that will be available for the public to get their hands on. I for one hope that they will manage to take their time with the title. Most titles these days seem rushed or almost entirely lacking in a coherent story-line. I have strong and high hopes for this indie title being developed by Twin Otter studios. Bear in mind this is a project being headed by mainly two individuals and while time and focus will be solely on this game, this title may take a bit of time to work out everything that it needs to work out. They did however launch their kick starter funding campaign! I have to say that I am quite excited to see what developers out of the game as we push further into 2016. With a big push on indie titles as we move into the new year, I hope that Aracdian Atlas can stand out like a shining beacon in a sea of slowly cloning indie titles.

If you have not already checked this game out, then what are you waiting for? Please use one of the links provided below! We will link you to the official Twitter pages of the team that is working on this title! If you have heard about then what are you excited for in this title? Hoping it will replace or rekindle that passion you had for the titles that came before this one? Feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below!

Official Teaser

Arcadian Atlas KickStarter Page: (COMING APRIL 5th)

Follow Becca Bair: https://twitter.com/TupelosHoney

Follow Taylor Bair: https://twitter.com/wtaylorbair

Follow The Official Arcadian Atlas Twitter: https://twitter.com/ArcadianAtlas

Official Webstie: http://arcadianatlas.blogspot.com/p/blog-page_86.html

Follow OGZ: https://twitter.com/OGZ_Kausus


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