Help! I Have a Waifu Stigma Problem!

So you are walking along minding your own business whem, BAM! You get knocked to the ground, the air forced from your lungs, your heart pounding heavily. A blush creeps over your face and you know it to be something you have been chasing. Love. True, unadulterated, love. She is everything and more. She has a heart of love to give, she is dynamic and she is pure heaven. She might think you are an idiot from time to time but she loves you. Or that’s what you want to think. You see, she is 2D after all. Your love and the only love you may feel for someone, is for a person that was drawn and shown all over the globe in a popular anime. Chances are someone else has the exact same feelings but they don’t know her like you do. You follow her canon and fan-fic. She is your wife or for us Otaku, Waifu.

So what is the big deal? Well, a lot actually. One people who have, ‘waifu’s’ tend to be social stigmatized by the greater community, two it is the source of a lot of animosity between anime fans (Guess that widely popular magical girl from the insanely popular anime only loves you out of the viewer count of 500,000+) and three, it is often times pretty okay. Now, this isn’t the type of article that is going to say that all people who have a waifu are disgusting perverts that deserve to die. Rather, it is an article responding to some forum posts I have been reading over the web. It seems and feels like many feel that if they fall in love with a character that is 2D, that they will forever be stigmatized and never grab the attention some real and tangible. Frankly I would argue that this mentality is fairly wrong. I know plenty of people who openly state they have a waifu. These people also date, heavily. They are completely normal and hold down jobs and enjoy normal activities. They just happen to be head over heels for a character that happens to be a 2D image. There are even couples out there in the wild that have Waifu’s. So there isn’t a big deal right? Well, there sort of is.

Ready for a night with the sister Waifu?

Even though they are acting completely normal. They won’t talk about it to someone who doesn’t understand it. They won’t tell people they adore or find a 2D character attractive. They personally feel scared to do so due to lashing out concerns or people simply stigmatizing them are perverse or different. Heaven forbid we all be different. Frankly this is something that I personally feel at odds with too but lately I have been more open to the concept. I have a lot of anime characters that I love, sadly some are high school aged and few are in college, The cast of K-On!!! and Shirobako’s characters being notable exceptions where all the cast has made it to or through college. Many people would then feel perfectly normal and natural in saying that they like these characters as their waifu’s. It is the category of a few individuals who say they have waifu’s but they are of characters that may only be in high-school… These sort of situations are what give the anime community a bit of bad rap and I have to personally say, this is hard to deny. It feel s bit off and creepy and while many will base their logic in saying, “Well she was like 15 in this anime but if you follow their birth date they are actually 20 right now.” To me this makes a load of sense. It is actually quite practical. However the actual images we look at do not age. They do not progress and they do not grow up. It is harsh to say so but that is just how it is.

Now again, please understand that I am not against anyone having a waifu. It is often a great way to funnel that romantic passion for caring for someone onto a person that won’t openly reject them. Sounds a bit bad when phrased that way but it’s just a simple fact. These characters will always be receptive and this person can devote their time to doting after this anime character. Now granted, when you walk into someones room and you see a little shrine or hug pillow of that character, you may be at odds when trying to talk to said individual. To an anime fan they are just expressing their love for that character in a completely normal way. Again this is often a healthy way of being romantically involved but with out having to worry about physical connection. Maybe just part of the time. Won’t touch upon the rather… mature aspects of some… That being said, A waifu doesn’t have to be someones life. Many use the term to simply refer to characters that they happen to adore or really enjoy. I mean, I even use the phrase sparingly to refer to characters that I really enjoy. I would dare to say that I see Ema Yasuhara as a waifu if I had to go with one. You shouldn’t feel the need to hide away something that means a lot to you. Just choose who you talk about it too wisely.

Stigmatized reactions…

You can dispel a ton of heated remarks or comments if you general keep it to yourself or if you can find other like minded persons that share a similar passion as you do. Granted there will never be a moment that doesn’t feel awkward when you talk about something along the lines of a waifu… That is unfortunately just how stigmatized this association is but with a greater positive community, ones that can show others that while they declare they have a Waifu or Husbando, they are still functioning and holding down perfectly normal relations. This is something that I feel should not be stigmatized but every fandom will have the bad apples that tend to give the greater bunch a bad reputation. Everyone should be able to openly declare that they love this character and are perfectly normal about it. Heck, what do we make of the people that have crushes on completely fictional characters played by famous actors and actresses? Do we not often associate them as odd? Sadly not since they are often real people. But I still feel that there is a bit of a double standard.

We are no waifu experts by any means but we would love to hear about your experiences with the topic and whether or not you can proudly say that you have a Waifu or Husbando! Leave a comment below and don’t forget to subscribe for more posts! While you are at it follow our twitter or consider donating to OGZ via our PayPal link or use our Play-Asia affiliate link in the right hand column! (Left side on the home page) Also, do not feel worried or concerned about hateful posts towards you for posting about a waifu or husbando. We will do our best to moderate the comment section to prevent harassment.

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