In set with a new daily post I will try to cover the daily deals that pop up on Crunchyroll’s store page! These deals are often super-duper awesome and other times they can be quite, “meh”. These are still awesome deals and you should jump on them while you all can for today! They have a handy countdown to let you know how much time you have left until the deals are over! We will try to make these articles pop up every morning! The editors will love them. JUST DEALS BABY! So, let’s get into the first batch of deals for today! Note: only 6 hours remain on these deals!

Master Altria 1/7 PVC Figure – Fate Stay/Night

Cost: $108.49USD


Stella Vermillion 1/8 Scale Figure – Chivalry of a Failed Knight

Cost: $116.99USD


En Yufuin Nendoroid – Cute High Earth Defense Club Love!

Cost: $39.99USD


Puzzle & Dragons Gense no Akaryuukanshi Sonia Figure Collection Vol.08

Costs: $19.66USD


Play Arts Kai Timeless Batman Bushido Variant – DC Comics

Costs: $169.99USD


Giraffe 4.5 inches Prime Plush SD Keychain – Orange

Costs: $3.89USD


Cute High Earth Defense Club Love Picktam! Straps

Costs: $29.99USD


Now all of these deals do expire by the end of the day and all of these deals can be found from within the Crunchyroll store in the, Today’s Deals, section of the store site! We will be back with more Crunchyroll deals tomorrow! Hopefully this is something that is liked and if so, we will continue to do this and may expand into other sections!

Crunchyroll Deals!

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