My Love-Hate Relationship with PC Gaming

We all have a PC, we may not have a good one but we have one. It can do many things for us and it can provide us with endless upon endless hours of cat videos. The one thing it is most popular for is of course, gaming. These computers are behemoths in their own right and are extremely cheap or utterly, bank-breaking, expensive. They can bring us into worlds that only our dreams can create or it can bring us into issues with heat, frame rates or lag. PC Gaming is often referred to as, The Master Race Platform, due to the simple fact that these machines often are the platforms upon which games are often developed. They are modular in every way and always upgrade-able, save for a few laptops, and can run games at unmatched pace and performance. So what is not to love? Well, what happens if you happen to be a budget gamer? Then you hit a few bricks. Most note-ably not being able to play new releases and often times most modern releases. Granted PC’s are improving drastically and are getting a lot more memory than before and most integrated graphics cards can run a decent rate. It still just sadly not enough for anything beefy. Take XCOM 2. While my computer can run it. I maybe average about 17-28 frames when playing on a Dell XPS. Granted this laptop is about 4-5 years old now and just doesn’t have the top their specifications most games want. I can meet the minimum but that usually doesn’t mean much.

How my rig must look to the PC Master Racers

You can play a game with a great machine but it still may even struggle with the minimum specs. You can play cat and mouse with the games ini files and hope to god you do not damage a line of code or jack the game up in an irreversible way. Or you can get a modern day gaming console and play the game you want to play badly on your PC. This has always been my philosophy and outlook on situations that develop from this sort of issue. I love PC gaming. I really do. I hate that every year my computer gets further and further behind the curve. Granted if I could afford this hobby or at least a top tier computer then, I would be a happy camper. However I am not and it constantly leaves me in a whirl of frustration after having bought a game that was ‘supposed’ to run and instead it runs like a potato trying to power all of NYC. It just is not an economical practice from my own perspective.

Another dynamic relation I have is the fact I love mods. We all love being to play as a Jedi in Skyrim or maybe as a sexy robot lady in Fallout New Vegas. Frankly, mods open up a greater lifespan for a game that you have put amazing amount of hours into and it creates a much more engaging dynamic. I cannot express how many times I played Skyrim modded with survival settings. Nothing scarier than getting caught outside in a snowstorm, freezing to death while trying to run from a dragon. Play that same scene in an un-modded game and it feels less tense and frankly too easy. Granted with consoles (i.e. Fallout 4 bringing mod support to consoles) this medium will become blurry as time passes on but if you are wanting to play your favorite game modded you need a PC that can… A. Run it, B. Install the Mod Correctly and C. Pray it doesn’t crash or corrupt your files. Now granted with things like the Nexus Mod Manager or Steam Workshop you do not have to fret over modding a game manually like the old days! Now you can easily install and check or uncheck. This still however is all based on whether or not your PC can run the game.

We all want to feel estatic about PC gaming but frankly it just isn’t for all.

Most things with PC gaming often boil down to, “Can I run it? Can I run it on High?” Frankly if we install the game and find we can get 60fps on low, most would be sufficiently happy with this, myself included. I am not a needy, give me all the effects and vistas type of gamer. Granted if I wanted that, I would have bought the title on my PS4. In all reality though I want to use my computer for gaming. I want to be like the cool kids for all intensive purposes. Do I want to pay the prices though? No. I personally cannot see a worth while investment in buying a computer every few years and spending the kind of money that most gamers do on their rigs. It is just slap silly. Granted there are things that I love about PC’s over consoles but it is such a small difference that I can hardly justify moving fully into to being a PC gamer. This is not just me, it is countless other gamers out there that have their very own reasons for their love-hate relationship with PC gaming. My solution has always been to distance myself from it with handheld and console gaming. It has worked for me and I don’t ever feel the urge and or need to just sit there and compulsively play PC games all day. Granted I still do this with my Console but hey, at least I am not giving my wallet to Gaben every summer.

Granted this was my own gripe, I am sure you all have your own particular ones! Feel free to comment below or talk with us on Twitter about it! IF you like what we are doing then feel free to hit that like, follow and or donate button! Donating to us goes a long way and we would love you a long time for it! You can access the button to the right of this article in the column with our Omakase and Crunchyroll banners!

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5 thoughts on “My Love-Hate Relationship with PC Gaming

  1. There’s also the option of building a gaming computer, more easy on the wallet and instead of having to replace a whole PC you can just switch out parts (that’s my goal this summer!)

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    1. Too simple though. Or maybe… it is not!? DUN DUN DUUUUNNNN

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  2. That is the positive thing about PC gaming, you can always mod a game by messing with the codes. Too bad the downside of PC games is the games and bugs. Games like Batman Arkham Knight had some many bugs that the game got removed from Steam.

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