Website Feature: FROG In A Well

While Lita Kino managed to publish her’s before I could react, I did want to feature a brand new blog that just sprouted up from the concrete jungle that is the anime community on WordPress. While I have yet to really engage with the author behind this blog, Kira, is a passionate fan of anime and this is something that is poured out into her profile page. A lover of foods, romance and of course anime/manga, Kira has the content spread of a larger website, all confined into a nice blog that is simple to follow and very simple to read.

Simplicity. Elegant Simplicity.

When I say new, I mean new. Her first post is dated January 17th and while she may be new to WordPress, she does have a tumblr that dates a couple years back and is chuck full of vivid gifs and images from manga, anime and randoms bits of art. While not a massive user of tumblr myself, I do understand how popular tumblr can be for pictures and just overall fun! I can see how the artsy side of her carries over into her blog. It is a seamless transition and I cannot express how fun her articles are to read. I love the focus and style she goes for and it compliments her overall personality very well! Did I mention she managed to grab like, three awards within short of two months? I mean, we didn’t get ours until like 3-5 months after the fact! That is quality right there and that is someone who has a knack for writing! Not to mention the food items that she has talked about on her website seem divine! I mean, green tea infused chocolate?! If I had any extra money I would be throwing it towards that company. Give me my matcha-chocolate!

Her personality is just glowing. I mean glowing. Just reading her responses to her award posts has me convinced that she is actually a real life, anime girl… But that is just a theory… right… RIGHT?! IN all seriousness, her personality it beaming with positive features and it carries over so well into her writing.You can follow her on her various social outlets by clicking on the links or any of our hyperlinked URLs that we have pasted into the article. I highly recommend you give her website a gander. It is cute, charming and has a style that is all Kira’s own! I am drawn in by her writing and I think that is a goal for any successful website or author to aim for. Please give her website a chance, much like you all gave our website a chance! Thank you for reading!

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3 thoughts on “Website Feature: FROG In A Well

  1. I am honestly very happy that my little blog is featured two times in a row, and by amazing bloggers like you, Kausus, and Lita. ❀ ❀ Thank you very very much for this article. I got lots of compliments here and i never expected that. Haha πŸ˜€

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  2. I just recently visited her site and I like how everything is simple and pretty. Kira is a real nice blogger πŸ™‚

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