Hey guys! Crimson here πŸ™‚

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I’m sure you all saw that OGZ was recruiting yesterday and honestly, I instantly jumped at the chance to contribute to the site. And here I am now with the title of Editor! Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to be a part of OGZ

Anime and Gaming

I’ve been a blogger since 2014, however, I only became active in the anime community March 2015 (it’s almost my blog birthday!). I run two blogs with two completely different themes. The one I’m most active in is My Fujoshi Life, which is where I post about anime, manga, boy’s love, and anything related to those three topics. My second blog is A Caffeinated Book Lover, which is where I blog about books (novels), my art projects, and my life in general. In addition to these two blogs, I am also a contributing writer to UnimeTV, another group blog with an interesting cast of characters.

In terms of anime, I’ve been a fan since I watched Inuyasha back in fifth grade, however, I’d been unknowingly a part of the anime community even before I knew that anime existed (to me everything was just cartoons). Like many otakus, anime  led me to the doors of Japan and its culture. Even as a youngling, foreign countries had always fascinated me and Japan took the number one spot. This chain then turned into wanting to travel to Japan and learn the language, both of which I’m currently working on.

While I’ve been a major fan of anime since I was ten, manga is a different story. Introduced to it in the later years of elementary school, I didn’t actually immerse myself until I was almost graduating high school. Now all I find myself doing sometimes is reading manga and collecting as much as I can!

In keeping with the OGZ themes, gaming has also been a big part of my nerdiness and while I haven’t been playing much lately, I sometimes do just sit in front of the TV with an Xbox controller in hand. My favorite games are Oblivion, Skyrim, and Fable and my greatest (if it can even be called this) achievement was finishing Oblivion and obtaining all of the achievements! Unfortunately, Fable is a different story as I’m never able to save all my citizens from dying in the war against the darkness.

2016 will be the year I’ll be getting into computer gaming.

As a last note, I do frequently travel nationally and post about my Convention experiences. It’d be totally cool to meet with any fellow bloggers at conventions.

Crimson in the Real World

Outside of anime, gaming, and the internet, Crimson is actually an average height Hispanic living in the U.S. who is trying to find her place in the world. While you may find I am chatty and energetic online, in person I am one of the quietest people you might ever meet (unless we’re like buddies, then you might wish I were quiet!) Food and coffee are my passion and sometimes I think I need more than 4 hours of sleep each night.

Of course, after that thought I realize that a lot of my friends live on the other side of the world and I think maybe I don’t need to sleep. Time zones, the bane of my existence!

And that’s all for now~

Again, thanks a lot to Kausus for letting me be part of OGZ. I know it’s going to be great working with you all! While my main job will be editing, I would also like to publish a few articles, especially as I start to explore gaming. The goal is to succeed at both and to grow from this experience.

I also hope to get to know some more members of the anime community! Feel free to connect with me through the comments here, my Twitter, or anywhere else. I’m universally known as Crimson613 and Lisette on other social media platforms πŸ™‚



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