Week-End Update & Announcement!

Alright, I may have to institute some sort of update system or at least a weekly recap of some sort. It could be fun, it could also be obnoxious so, that remains to be seen. In any event this week has been a productive Twitter week for OGZ, you may have been victim to my retweets and posts for Omakase and with their team. They are a bunch of goofs and fun to chat with! Other than that, I have been at work, chatting with other Ani-Bloggers and websites, planning for the upcoming trip to this years, Naka-Kon! I want this to be a better trip than I previously had last year and I hope it is a year of new firsts and joyful memories! There is a lot riding on on this upcoming convention and I hope I am not giving it a hype train that it cannot support or live up to!

In other news, this will be a weekly thing! And guess what? Hopefully you should see articles arriving on a Weekly basis too! Now, this is going to take sometime as, I am only one person and while we do have other authors, they write only when they can. So, we will be having a tentative schedule drafted up pretty soon. I do plan on actually functioning like a website at some point. Crazy right? I actually have a decent amount of time off and I figured I should use it rather productively. Or I could be playing XCOM 2…. Choices. There will be a day to day theme and you should all pick up on it very quickly but we will attempt to cover certain topics on certain days. So that way, we look all official and such. Plus there are a few websites that I look up to and I would like to be as productive and as official as they are. No competition, just positive influences and aspirations to look up to.

Now as far as subject matter goes, the format will stay the same. Just expect our Anime and Gaming Reviews to fall on specific days. There will be some exceptions, such as sponsored reviews and such, that will fall on other days that are not specific to the actual posting timeline. While all of this will be behind the scenes, I do want to involve all of you. After all, fans are what make a website and I am very grateful to everyone who follows, comments and engages with us on a daily basis! I just want to thank everyone of you, back with a a website that can live up to what it wishes to provide you all! It has been a grand adventure so far and I look forward to seeing what year two will provide us! Speaking of… Year 2 is only 4 weeks away! I don’t have anything planned for it as of this moment but… I should maybe look into doing something about it! It all depends on the almighty financial standing and such after the convention.

Another thing to note is that as far as anime box subscriptions go, I will only be featuring Omakase on this website. This is NOT a sponsored decision or backing, this is a personal one. I love the service and after seeing Loot Anime’s supposedly awesome exclusive, Kill La Kill T-shirt. I could only feel like I chose the better box of the two. So, yeah, expect to see tons more Omakase related stuff on our website as our official go to box. That will pretty much wrap up our update! I surely haven’t forgotten anything… Oh yeah, Crimson from UnimeTV will be attending Naka-Kon 2016 with us! So, expect Twitter to be full of images and junk from the both of us and maybe a video collaboration? We will see when the time comes for uploading and pushing video! That will be it for now though! See you all in the next article!

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2 thoughts on “Week-End Update & Announcement!

  1. Official Stalker + VP in one place. I expect some shenanigans.

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