OGZ Will Be Promoting Omakase At Naka-Kon 2016

While this is not an official partnership by any means, I just got confirmation of some Omakase swag that is being sent my way for me to wear on the floor at Naka-Kon. While I do not have the specifics on what the shirt looks like, you should be able to spot us on the floor with it! I am extremely excited, more so than I ever have been to wear a t-shirt. Mainly this is due to the fact that this is from a service that I love to death and may be partially addicted to but that’s okay… I can stop whenever…. I…. want to… Man, I need to go hug my boxes real quick, alright? No, in all seriousness I stated a while back that when I love a product, I will shower it with affection from the time I am awake until the time I go to sleep. I love what they have done for the box community and I love what they have done indirectly for OGZ. I get a little bit of help every time you awesome followers sign-up for the Omakase service and that goes a long way into helping fund what I would love to do with this website. On a side note if you want to directly help us, please hit that donate to paypal button over to your right! It can be any specified amount and it will still help us reach our goals.

Now onto the fun part about this. While I get to be on the floor, wearing this insanely awesome Omakase shirt, I get to give one away to a lucky fan. Someone at Naka-Kon may randomly be able receive this awesome shirt to wear proudly; at least I hope they get to wear it proudly. While I have yet to devise how and when I will give this shirt away, I plan on doing so at the convention for all intensive purposes. IF for what ever odd reason I cannot. I may resort to some sort of mock Twitter giveaway. In either even, this will ONLY happen at Naka-Kon! If you happen to be going or are planning on going, besure to keep an eye out for a gentleman sporting an impressive, Omakase brand t-shirt. I also will be wearing (hopefully) an Otaku Gamer Zone shirt to also be easily identified.

I hope to meet a few new faces at the convention and I would very much like to say that OGZ will be there in force this year and will hopefully continue to do so for the foreseeable future! Also, if you haven’t followed us on Twitter (which you should) we just tweeted out the first images of the first item for the Hatsune Miku Omakase Box! A HappyMappy designed Shirt! You can pick up your own box by using the link provided down below!

Subscribe to Omakase: http://mbsy.co/cZdnH

Follow Omakase On Twitter: https://twitter.com/viewster

Follow OGZ: https://twitter.com/OGZ_Kausus


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