The Strong Women of Anime & Gaming: Kausus’s Top 3

We love the strong. In society the strong are often seen as the most successful in their lives and careers. Lately, we have begun to see cunning and intellectual persons of interest rise up to be the more successful ones in life. Where does that leave us? Well, naturally most of the successful, strong or intellectual persons have always been portrayed as males. As of late, thanks in parts to wider movements and prominent figures, women have had a significant amount of screen time on both Anime and Gaming. While most are still portrayed in less the complimenting ways, theses women are making a known presence in there respective genres and games. So today on OGZ, we are going to dive and talk about some of my favorite leading females in Gaming and some of my favorite leading and supporting females in Anime! For starters, I would like to move into the Anime department, to take a look at some of the amazing females in Anime.

For us what makes a strong female lead may not be all what everyone else may see. Bear in mind our list is not a definitive list by any means, just some of our favorite characters that you may or may not know about.


Satsuki Kiryuin: This character blew the crowd away when she first set foot on stage. Given life by the always lovely, Ryouka Kazuki, Satsuki’s booming voice and indoctrinating speeches have become a staple of the Kill la Kill universe and her stone walled agenda is a will of steel and a testament of her strength. Never have I seen a character that struck me as an intimidating force but could also have a side that was soft, yet reserved. She has her vulnerabilities and she carefully guards them with a steely guise and a sword to boot. While the anime is a very fan-service based one, Kill La Kill is chuck full of women who are such great leads. Whether they are Antagonists or Protagonist, KLK manages to make these female leads standout in a way that I have yet to see any other type of anime play out. However, I feel that Satsuki is one of the more prominent figures and for great reason. She get’s what she wants and only the strong will earn her admiration and trust.


Celty Stulrson: Coming from the anime that is both dark and very much straight to life’s hardships Celty Stulrson, voiced by the talented Miyuki Sawashiro, is a character that cares most. She is strong when she needs to be and is a soft bastion of support and hope that is often not seen in the series. While the series has a slew of great female leads and supports, Celty manages to stand above the rest, at least in our book. She wins us over with her high hopes and spirit and her overall strength. While she may be an almost un-killable entity, she has the courage and strength to overcome a lot of obstacles. Not to mention the obstacle that is Shinra’s father… While she is timid and very natural for a character she does have spirit and she is often a bastion of support and knowledge in times of need.


Lightning Farron: So this one is pretty obvious to many but if not… Stop reading and go play FFXIII. I can wait. You finished it? Good, because holy cow is this character one of my all time favorite FF characters, period. She is the embodiment of a person going through a struggling, trying to help protect the one she cares about yet losing herself and fading in the process, Lightning is the female equivalent to Cloud Strife and this is something made all to correct due to the FFXIII team stating they wanted a female who could step toe to toe with Cloud. She has a lot of growth and personal development just withing the first title that by time you make it all the way to the end, you are encountering an entirely different person. She is physically strong and mentally strong by the end of her ordeal and the subsequent games that follow her, are all the more prominent in the expanding of her personal strength.

In any even I do want to save a few more characters for another entry into this series or possibly get my other authors involved in this post line. Now, I know asking this is redudant but if you have a favorite leading female that stands out as a strong female lead, let us know in the comments below! We just might feature them in a new post! As always we appreciate you reading our articles! Be sure to follow us on WordPress and Twitter!

Follwo OGZ:


2 thoughts on “The Strong Women of Anime & Gaming: Kausus’s Top 3

    Amazing, strong picks you’ve got lined up here. Though I haven’t seen Drrr, I do recognize two powerful faces up there.

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    1. : D Thanks! Also Crimson is going to Naka-Kon with us!

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