The Backlog of Winter Anime Releases Is Painful

A visual representation of a backlog.

It happens to the best of us. It happens to all of us. Anime backlog. We do our best to stay up to date with the aired episodes of a specific title(s) and in doing so we think we are immune to missing an episode. This could not be further from the truth. Due to inevitable factors influencing our life choices and decisions, we ultimately fall prey to the trap that is missing an episode and creating a backlog. That being said we all do not mean to do it. Take me for example, model worker and amazing anime fan, you’d think it would be 100% fool proof! Alas, it is not. I too fall victim to this vicious cycle (Which is mainly self caused and I have no one to blame but myself so…). With ERASED, Dagashi Kashi, Dimension W and several newly added titles clogging my time, it does become a momentous task to try and figure out how to go about watching them all and giving them all the necessary love and screen time they need.

Some users take to watching every single episode released the day of the last, in order to avoid that backlog of anime titles. This however creates a dilemma in itself. You won’t get every episode in on the last day, especially if you are gunning for multiple titles all at once. It will become an especially monotonous task once you settle on reviewing said anime title(s). A review takes patience and generally starts to happen once the first few episodes have already been released. That way, the reviewer has enough time to plan out their thoughts and their points of interest. With a backlog this creates some iffy scenarios. That being said, backlogs are just not an issue for websites or blogs, they are issues for even just casual fans of anime too. You may mean to keep up with the latest episode of your favorite anime but, life for you, too, has a way of meddling. Although it is fairly easy to beat, after all one simply has to just watch the anime to remedy the situation! Well, that is all easier said than done.

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When we know a backlog is occurring.

Frankly backlog will always be an issue, especially when some titles are late starts to the winter or whatever particular season it debuts in. It will throw your beautiful time-table off and it will spit at it. We all have that one particular title… It knows who it is. I am still trying to shovel through some of the Fall 2015 titles that debuted last year and they have yet to see the light of day from the depths of my queue. While we may not mean to, we fall into the vicious cycle anyway. So, what are some of your techniques to avoiding backlog? Are you someone who purposely does this to wait until there is a ton more content to enjoy and watch in one go or do you prefer to try to catch each episode as it releases? Feel free to comment on down below!

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5 thoughts on “The Backlog of Winter Anime Releases Is Painful

  1. I just wait until I find a random moment of inspiration. “Gee, it’s been years. Maybe I should finally watch this series…”

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  2. I try not to watch too many series in one go (although there are SO many titles I need to watch) 😛

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  3. I’ll never get around to Umaru and Death Parade . . .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Totally should man! It is worth it! I want to roll up to Naka-Kon playing Death parade’s opening.

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