Space Dandy Is The Sequel To Cowboy Bebop I Needed

Once in a while, you find yourself adrift in the endless cosmos of anime and you then find an anime that tickles that fancy you had when you watched, Cowboy Bebop. Now please understand one thing, I am NOT saying Space Dandy is a direct sequel to, Cowboy Bebop but rather, it is keeping the spirit of the wandering group of friends trying to just make it by in a galaxy that is both foreign and weird. Space Dandy has just crept out from the bowels of Funimation and developed into something that is uniquely its own category of fun. You take Cowboy Bebop and mash it with the humor of Trigun and then you go in an entirely different direction and you have, Space Dandy. This anime has soul, color, vivid imagery and a franchise called, Boobies. I mean what’s there not to love about this? You have three intrepid individuals, Dandy (An Intrepid alien hunter), QT and Meow. All of whom are trying to make it big in the larger galaxy as exotic alien hunters.


You can have an underlying theme but the story is generally self-contained per episode and besides Dr. Gel, who is constantly at odds with dandy, albeit indirectly, the story does little to carry itself over from episode to episode. Being honest, this makes it fairly easy for anyone to get on board from any episode; however there will be viewers like myself who want to watch it from episode one. Now Space Dandy did have a Toonami run on Adult Swim this past 2014 and it was the talk of many co-workers. Sadly I never got around to watching it until almost two years later. This has little to do with interest versus actually me sitting down to watch it. I am quite slow with watching anime… However the humor department in this anime is on a plane all its own. I cannot describe how wildly funny and diverse this anime is and just how stupid the bad guys in this anime can be. It’s so cringe worthy that they are some of my favorite characters.

While some of the episodes can have a slice of fan service and humor that can be very adult, the anime is a blast to watch in any respect. While I would say for younger ones to maybe watch this anime with adult permission/supervision it should be fairly easy for anyone to get into. The tones of the anime can range from down right funny to pretty touching. I believe that is what draws a ton of viewers to space dandy and I think that this is an anime that can bridge a gap between different thematic tropes. It is a science fiction at its core but it is so varied from episode to episode that I cannot help but feel like this anime has a lot more to give than most other anime like it. Now, when I look at the references in this anime, I see so much from other anime and most notably, Cowboy Bebop. This is a stretch yes as the two share very different feelings and themes. It is not a stretch to say that Cowboy Bebop has a long reaching influence on a lot of anime that has come after it. It is a driving force that will continue to forever shape and change the landscape around it.


This landscape is changed every year and thanks to new anime like Space Dandy, it helps give older titles newer life and viewers a new found appreciation for the older ones. Granted this will vary from individual to individual so, bets of luck to the person watching the anime. There are some references here and there, that point back in admiration for the wonderful space drama that is, Cowboy Bebop. There are even a ton of fan-art putting the two in the same universe, which just tickles me. The music made just for this anime is just simply awesome. The composed tracks are funky and fresh and each have enough variation to stand out among the rest. If you are a fan of great opening scores as well, then you cannot ignore, Viva Namida by Yasuyuki Okamura. It is funky, it is disco-esque and it is full vibrancy. I will try to link an opening for you all to enjoy but they are dropping like flies so if the link dies, please inform us so we can remove it!

When choosing this anime to watch over say another one like it, just listen to your heart, baby! Space Dandy is most certainly not for everyone. The humor is over the top but just right for me. The fan-service, while there like with all anime, is not in your face 24/7. As of this writing Space Dandy may be viewed on both Funimation and Hulu! If you have already seen this epic, what are your thoughts on the anime? Feel free to let us know in the comment section below or on our official twitter page!




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3 thoughts on “Space Dandy Is The Sequel To Cowboy Bebop I Needed

  1. I love this anime. I watched Space Dandy two times last year and I enjoyed Dandy and his friends. Personally, this is way better than Cowboy Bebop. It’s all about Dandy and boobies, baby! XD

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    1. Well after all, he is a Dandy guy.. In space.

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      1. Yep. His duty is to explore space and meet aliens and meet women. Dandy is like Johnny Bravo…in space. Go with the flow.

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