Let’s Talk Gaming: -My Quircky Love For FFXIII, Type-0 HD and FFXV-

We all know about or have at least played a Final Fantasy game in our time. It may have been a classic or it may be the latest in the series. Either way, we know that the stories are spanning, the graphics stunning and the sometimes nonsensical nature of how the series flows from title to title. With that being said, I absolutely love the latest entries in the Final Fantasy series. These entries are apart of the, Fabula Nova Crystallis, story line and have the entries, XIII, Type-0 and XV as apart of the branching lore that help to develop the genre of Final Fantasy into a more modern and forward thinking period. Now understand one thing, many long time FF fans have been put off my XIII and XV, as ludicrous as that may sound, and are abandoning ship. I have several acquaintances that has expressed their dislike and distaste for the new direction that FF has been heading for the last seven years. The main reasoning is not the characters, except Hope from XIII, or the story but rather, the system and mechanics.


FFXIII took a different turn from the normal FF formula and brought the series into it’s own type of mechanic. The fights where more reactionary but still had elements of the older style of system that we have come to know from the series. We still have access to all the items we know and love and their uses are familiar to us all. The combat however looked and acted more cinematic and free flowing. The staff wanted to re-convey the epic fight scenes we saw in FFVII: Advent Children and bring them to a familiar and more interactive gaming platform. This was received in mixed format and has often been a picking point for many that have been dissatisfied with how the series has been moving. FFXV now will move the fights into even more fluid and cinematic scopes with the implementations of Kingdom Hearts fighting system. This added dynamic will give the game a much more fluid feel to it’s combat over previous titles and this is exciting! Even Type-0 and it’s HD remaster have added it’s own unique flair to a system that has been around for a very long time. Granted type-0 was adapted for the PSP control scheme.

For the FF fan in me, I really do love these titles over their older counter-parts. While I have played the older entries from 1-4, 7-9, & XI, I have not had a more smug satisfaction and love for a series as I have had for the, Fabula Nova Crystallis series. These titles are both stunning visually, have impressive stories and are full of lovable and down right hate-able characters! Type-0 HD, while entirely new to me has one of the more epic openings to a series that I have seen to date and FFXV wowed me with it’s visuals and combat system from what I could glimpse from the FFXV: Episode Duscae demo. Though, it was FFXIII and the character, Lightning Farron, that showed me how awesome female leads can be in games and why it has spawned an interest in games with strong female leads. Her character was so unique and she was one of the first female characters that could speak volumes to not just women but also men. This is the power of artful and amazing personification of female leads. That personal touch is all that matters, well, the voice actress also matters too and they did not disappoint with the leads either!

If I had to describe all of these titles I would use the word quirky. Not because they are difficult games to follow or so unique that you really need a refined pallet to appreciate them rather because they are free form. They take paths and strides into different territory that has yet to be seen in the FF play style. Granted it will ruffle a few feathers and drive away some long time fans but, you are now able to gain access to a whole new wealth of perspective followers to your beloved franchise. It is why I am so in love with the series. Granted I do love the older entries, I especially love FFIX and while I have only a faint childhood memory of it, it was one of the first titles I ever played in the FF series and it still remains a childhood favorite. The, Fabula Nova Crystallis Series, is one that I can get strongly behind. I have yet to be disappointed with the quality of game play and storytelling from the series nor the music.

While Nobuo Uematsu may not be behind the soundtrack this go around, I am impressed and enchanted by it all nonetheless. I mean just take a listen to FFXIII opening composition or even that of Type-0 HD’s. They are all superbly epic and immensely gratifying. I have never not known a FF title to lack in the emotional music department. They always have held some sort of punch. It may just be a soft and simple melody but they can still belt an emotional tone or underscore. And besides, it is FF, we need to splurge a bit on the awesome scores! And the Cast of XIII, THE CAST! I have never played a game where I absolutely loved the entire cast, minus Hope. Lets not forget the moment we all fell in love with Sazh with his adorable son and Chocobo chick that lived in his Afro. The cast also has one of the best English dubbed casts I have ever heard and it still remains one of my more favorite casts to date. It is like FMAB but in game format. Just so good!


Now I have FFXIII, Type-0 and FFXV to fall back on as entries that I can make my own. Not in the customization sense, rather that these are stories and titles that I can call all my own. While not made for my generation they are surely ones that I feel most in-tune with. Now, we all have those series we love and the ones we can associate with our childhood and or adulthood. Which titles speak volumes to you? Which title(s) are your quirky titles to get into? Feel free to leave us a comment down below!

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1 thought on “Let’s Talk Gaming: -My Quircky Love For FFXIII, Type-0 HD and FFXV-

  1. I think the main problem with FFXIII in particular is not that the game itself but rather the way it sets itself up to be hated. You can’t switch characters. Teams are locked for much of the game. There’s nothing but fights. The story is told mostly through flashbacks and has some random revelations and twists. It’s like Square-Enix didn’t try to hide the parts that some fans wouldn’t like. I mean, the whole no-switching thing definitely should have been changed long before its release. The good points just kind of get lost when you’re busy being annoyed that two physical fighters won’t attack the same enemy.

    I personally think X-2 has the best battle system. It’s fast, engaging, and you can pretty much make it as tough or easy as you want it to be.

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