The Upcoming Hatsune Miku Omakase Box Has Me Hyped

As you all know, I play games based on the Miku family. One of my favorite PS Vita games is actually, Hatsune Miku Project Diva f 2nd. It is fun and full of great songs. I just cannot help but adore all of them! So, when I found out the small little hints, I began feeling a feverish hype. With two boxes (Not counting the alpha and beta ones) already under their belt, Viewster’s Omakase service is hot on the trail and is not letting go of the base they have managed to grab under their wings. I will still say that discovering Omakase has been the highlight of my past few months and I cannot express how fond of the program I am. Maybe it is because I was an initial adopter that I feel like I can say I am very excited for this program to continue. Granted, I wish I could have learned about it sooner. Maybe we would have had a beta or alpha box? Doubtful but it is nice to dream.


With Omakase taking the stage with Hatsune Miku and the gang, many more perspective individuals will flock to see what Omakase has to offer. Counting on the fact that from what we have seen of past Omakase boxes, one can summarize that this next box is going to continue this and more. I say more simply because of one fact. If you are counting ALL of them then, won’t this be possibly the biggest box to date? I mean, OGZ is curious to find out if this box will have more than the standard 3 highlighted items and this time be even bigger thanks to such a big and bountiful base of products available. However, I am beyond words on how excited I am to see what beautiful products are born from the creative minds of Viewster and Crypton. I mean, just imagine an exclusive figure, game or even an Omakase EXCLUSIVE software release. One moment. I need to make this an invention idea… No, but in all reality, this may be too far-fetched to dream about but I would love to see something of this nature develop from the creative meetings.

It has already been announced via their website that we will be getting a new version of the happymappy t-shirt that was released in their former beta box. While some viewers may be a bit peeved that there are now TWO Hatsune Miku themed boxes that have been shipped, counting the beta box, for users like myself it is a chance to get a box that I frankly wish I had known about earlier. I digress too much however, it is for good reasons. I am a fan first and foremost and so is Viewster. They care about product quality just as much as the rest of us do and this is what draws me to the service. It is not just your everyday box. Yes, you and me get the same exact box as all the subscribers do but, it is different to me. It feels catered and designed for the tasteful masses. I do not mean to rag on other services but it is just the feeling I get from Omakase. Now when talking pricing, Omakase may be just smidgen out of reach for many out there. 29USD+Shipping is a big pill to swallow, especially if you are tight on money. And that is fine. Not everyone can get this box and this is why I cover it so religiously. I want to share in the passion that I am able to get from this box and share it with everyone else. While I may not be a great spoke person for the service, i.e. getting people to sign-up for the service; I do wish to try my earnest.


Omakase will continue to send ripples in the box industry. Loot-Crate has already responded and is changing things up a bit in their newest Loot-Anime. Sadly, this is not enough in my personal opinion. Frankly it has nothing to do with me relation to Omakase, it has to do with a fan’s perspective. If you fail or flop on quality then you feel as if you are wasting your money. To be frank for a moment, while I love the idea of a varied box, I do not love the idea of buying it for a single section. I mean, as an example say there was a Gintama item in this box and in it was also DBZ, Sailor Moon and Gundam. Well, chances are you may only like one, two or maybe three at most (Maybe all if you are really lucky). So, if you got this box and only liked one item in it, don’t you feel as if you may have wasted the cash? I know I certainly do. That being said, I have not experience an item from Omakase yet that I have not liked and this is trying as when focusing on a singular franchise or series, you could run the risk of making an item out of the bunch that just doesn’t seem to fit well. I just hope for a day that this does not happen.

This would tickle me, if this were the actual contents of the box.

With March 23rd long off from now, are you interested in signing up for the service? What do you hope to see develop from the Hatsune Miku themed box and what do you feel should be in it? As always you can find links to signing up for Omakase via our official page for them and the links provided within the article. We do get a bit of a back-rub from Viewster when you sign up for the service. So, if you like what we do and want to help us out a bit then feel free to give it some consideration!

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